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Working Group 5: Community

The Community Working Group aims to come up with ideas on how the international organization can support community building in the global network, supporting the special qualities that we came to love in our NVC communities. We want the process of coming up with these ideas to be community-building in itself and to be grounded in the existing community. So...

(Dec 2015) Proposal finalized and feedback integrated

We have finalized our proposal, integrating the feedback we have gotten so far. We are joyful and have a sense of contribution and gratefulness. We'd like to extend a huge thank you, to all who gave feedback, for your thoughts and ideas and support! You can read the final proposal here.

(Nov 2015) Feedback requested for our draft proposal

The Community Working Group is pleased to share its proposal and asks for your feedback on it. The proposal is offered in a one-page summary and a full-length version (9 pages plus appendix).

Please share with us your thoughts on our four decisions:

Feedback on the proposed decisions regarding Community is requested by 7 December 2015. (You can also separately access the full text or summary proposals.)

Formulaire de commentaires français pour le Groupe de travail communautaire du Nouvel Avenir (Vous pouvez télécharger et lire la proposition de résumé ici.)

Deutsches Feedback Formular für die New Future AG “Gemeinschaft” (Sie können herunterladen und lesen Sie die Zusammenfassung Vorschlag hier.)

Nederlands feedback formulier voor de New Future Community Werk Groep (U kunt downloaden en lees hier de samenvatting voorstel.)

Formulario de Retroalimentación de la comunidad WG5 en inglés (Puede descargar y leer la propuesta resumida aquí)

Or send us an email to Thank you!

Read the online feedback for this working group

Live Forum

(September 2015) Exciting news! Join us for a series of calls Community on Community on the NVC Empowerment Forum hosted by the Community Working Group and starting on September 25.

The full invitation here.

We'd love to welcome lots of you on these calls!

Online Forum

And join us also on the new NVC Community Forum where we are keeping track of what is going on in the live forum as well as additional interviews, material, discussions. Check it out and, if you are involved in an NVC community, let us know in the section "Communities around the world".

More on the idea of the online forum soon here


Working Group Members

Mitch Miyagawa

Eva Ebenhoeh

Mali Parke

Joakim Svahn

Carlene Robinson

Mitch Miyagawa Eva Ebenhoeh Mali Parke  Joakim Svahn  Carlene Robinson


A few weeks after we started our work, Karen Barbee stepped down from the working group.
We are happy to have found Carlene Robinson to join us.


Group Update

On October 28th our proposal was presented to the public. We are asking for your feedback before Saturday, November 14th.

We've met since mid August, and explored our personal answers to the "big" questions around community: How is the need for community alive in the network? What strategies have been used in the past? What strategies could we imagine for the future?
Our dream was to engage others in the "NVCverse" around their answers to these questions. We want to do it in a way that creates community while we talk about it!

To that end we

  • - hosted a series of online calls with different topics around community
  • - played with an online discussion forum
  • - held several informal 1-on-1 interviews


GoogleDocs for Community Working Group

Running Agenda

Meeting Notes

Meeting Schedule

We invite you to observe one or more of our upcoming meetings for the Community Working Group:

Syndicate content

How to Join a Meeting

Here are two ways that you can join the meetings:

1.  VIDEO CONFERENCE*:  Join Online Meeting here:  Meeting ID: 29984814.

2.  PHONE:  Dial the phone number and enter the Meeting ID 29984814 when prompted.

  • U.S. number: +1 201-479-4595.  Find a call-in number from other countries here.

* For the full Fuze experience, download Fuze.

Guidelines for observers for the C-WG meetings:

  • We welcome observers, and plan to set aside time  at the end of each of these calls for comments -- 5 minutes in a 60 minute meeting or 10 minutes in a 90 minute meeting. (Plus, the line will remain open after the end of the call for anyone who wants to stay after and dialogue with each other)

We welcome you to join us!

Providing Input to the C-WG

To get in touch with us, for feedback or other types of input, you can email us.

Recordings of past meetings.

UTC date and time Link to Video Recording Link to Audio Recording Length of recording
WG5 - Open Feedback Call - Community Working Group -- 29 November 2015 1:00 UTC 1am UTC, November 29th Recording not available
WG5 - Open Feedback Call - Community Working Group -- 27 November 2015 17:00 UTC 5pm UTC, November 27th 1:53
WG5 - Regular meeting - Community Working Group -- 17 November 2015 16:00 UTC 4pm UTC, November 17th Recording not available
WG 5 - Regular meeting - Community Working Group -- 10 November 2015 16:00 UTC 10 November 2015 4 pm UTC Recording not available
Community and Technology 6 November 2015 16:00 UTC Friday, November 6th, 16:00/4pm UTC 1:22
WG 5 - Community WG Forum: Celebrations and Mournings about NVC community -- 1 November 2015 -- 01:00 UTC Saturday-Sunday 2015-11-01 01:00 UTC Recording not available
Community WG Forum: Celebrations and Mournings about NVC community Friday 2015-10-30 16:00 UTC recordning not available
Community WG Forum: Community and technology Saturday-Sunday 2015-10-25 01:00 UTC 1:12
Community WG Forum: Community and technology Friday 2015-10-23 16:00 UTC Listen to the Recording video link is part 1 (0:37), audio link is part 2 (0:41)
Community WG Forum: Starting/supporting your own community Friday 2015-10-16 16:00 UTC 1:40
Community WG Forum: NVC community around the world Friday 2015-10-09 16:00 UTC 1:57
Community WG Forum: Community Dreams Saturday-Sunday 2015-10-04 01:00 UTC 7:53
Community WG Forum: Community Dreams Friday 2015-10-02 16:00 UTC 1:40
Community Working Group meeting 2015-9-29 Tuesday 2015-9-29 15:00 UTC 1:00
Community WG Forum: Celebrations and Mournings about NVC community Saturday-Sunday 2015-09-27 01:00 UTC 1:12
Community WG Forum: Celebrations and Mournings about NVC community Friday 2015-09-25 16:00 UTC 1:23
Community Working Group meeting 2015-9-22 Tuesday 2015-9-22 15:00 1:28
Community Working Group meeting 2015-9-15 Tuesday 2015-9-15 15:00 UTC 1:15
Community Working Group meeting 2015-9-8 Tuesday 2015-9-8 15:00 UTC 1:26
Community Working Group Meeting 27 August 27 August 2015 16:00 1:39
Community Working Group Meeting 25 August 2015 15:00 1:44
Community Working Group 18 August 2015 15:00 1:30

Topic Area Description

From the Explanation of Topic Areas, the topic area that this Working Group is invited to address is:

5. Community

  • How will we support the presence of qualities we value in communities the global NVC community, and in local NVC communities?
  • What systems will be set up, agreements/practices encouraged, or models offered, to care for or nurture these?
  • Example outcomes:
    • A repository of ideas on the CNVC website, and a Yahoo! Group, will be set up to support people in creating NVC-based communities in their local areas.
    • A global restorative system to prevent and address conflict among NVC practitioners will be set up.
    • There will be an annual global NVC conference.

About us

Mitch MiyagawaMitch Miyagawa: I'm a Certified Trainer on Gabriola Island, Canada, where I live with my wife Angela (who also facilitates NVC) and my two sons, Tomio and Sam. I care a lot about community, and see it as the key to individuals sustaining NVC in their lives, and the kind of social transformation I want in the world. Along with workshops, practice groups and a family camp, I also offer opportunities for long-term community to people who attend my workshops through bi-weekly calls and ongoing connection. I come to NVC with a background in inclusion/diversity work, community-building, and writing/film-making. What can I bring to this group? Creativity; experience and joy in collaboration; deep listening; and a gift for engaging and including others in ways that are fun, informal, and meaningful.


Eva Ebenhoeh My name is Eva Ebenhöh, I am a certified trainer living in Haurg, Germany. NVC found me 10 years ago, shortly after my two children were born. Since it was a close friend who introduced me to NVC, I had the opportunity to learn in a self-organized practice group from very early on. Currently, I am involved on different levels of community, with friends, with the Hamburg trainers’ network, as a member of D-A-CH, and on the global level as a translator mostly for the New Future Process. Even before NVC I had a strong interest in „Community“ or groups, having facilitated meetings and self-organized groups for 20 years. I live in a co-housing community with 60 households and I am no stranger to virtual communities, having been pretty active in a fan-organized internet forum for some time.

Mali Parke My name is Mali Parke, short for Marie-Laure. I'm native from France and been living in the U.S. since the late 90s. I am from a very large family which spans over Europe, been traveling a lot growing up and the word "community" has been lived in my heritage naturally, with its diversity and cultural richnesses raising my Curiosity from a young age and being a key thread in my life. When I found NVC in 2007, I remember thinking this was finally the empowering practice that could support what my heart was trying to express and live all these years and create bridges between differences and cultures/beliefs. After years of exploring and learning/playing with NVC trainers and communities I now am celebrating dedicating my energy towards sharing it as best I can to the local communities I am living in. And dream of expanding the bridges as well. In DC I have been an active part of Capital NVC and its Community Circle since 2008 or so. After attending my first NVC camps in the region (family heart camp which I am now a co-organizer for past 3 years in WV) and completed the PPLP in 2009, I co-created the Peace Circle community to support local families to gather around compassionate parenting year-round. From play dates, 2-3 days camping trips (some in their 4th annual rendition), empathy cafes once a month and parenting series, the circle has been very active and I celebrate that we gather oftentimes as 40-70 people of all ages for a weekend or an afternoon of circles. I also am a restorative practice facilitator and do bring trainings to university students and local public schools as part of my business, the Peace Circle Center or through a new initiative with some colleagues called Restorative DC. Finally I hold free monthly Empathy Cafes for 4 years (except summer when I'm in Europe) and this season I am looking forward to transform them in peacemaking circles on social, racial and gender justice. I am on the certification path and look forward to being part of the CNVC community and expanding the branches in local communities and around the world. you can read more about me at, I also have a private coaching practice at (certified through a coaching school co-founded by Martha Lasley).


Joakim Svahn My name is Joakim Svahn and I live in Sweden. I have been studying NVC since the late 80’s, and have some experience as a trainer. I am not a CNVC certified trainer, and have no official ties to the CNVC, but I’ve contributed to earlier community efforts from them and know some of the people there. I’ve also been a board member of the Swedish association for NVC, and find opportunities online to network with and support other NVCers. I can listen, write notes, analyze and structure info and work, draw attention to purpose, goals, deadlines or other kind of frames for the work at hand. In addition to whatever NVC skills I have, I have also been engaged in some of the sociocratic circles, mostly in the Nordic-Baltic circle and as observer to and note taker for the GCC. This means I have a sense of some of the relevant history of CNVC-network relations, and that I am inspired by the examples provided in those circles in how to balance care for what is in the present with care for the work process and plans. I like being in a Working Group where I can continue my work on the concept of a NVC Empowerment Forum (NEF) and/or the NEF call that originated as the Memory Circle call for Marshall. For more information about what this is about, see my blog posts on the CNVC website: and

Carlene RobinsonCarlene Robinson: My work as a facilitator and guide based on the work of Marshall Rosenberg has given me another way of being in the world that creates meaning and joyful purpose in my life. Introduced to NVC in 2005, I continue my learning and growth as a enter the end of my certification process and as a member of our local nonprofit community (NVC Nashville), while offering workshops, classes, and practice groups. My heart was drawn to supporting the New Future Process because of the value I believe the consciousness of nonviolence and NVC offers to the world. I feel very connected to supporting the reality of living in a 'no-fault' world through the awareness of living in a needs based consciousness. My experience of supporting the dream of an NVC community here in Nashville led me to connect with the Community Working Group in the NFP. What I’ve enjoyed through this experience, having come into the working group later in the process, is how living in the reality that everyone’s needs matter, the group lived that truth through collaboration and connection with one another. In addition, the weekly global calls through the month of October were very meaning for me as I fell into an online community with people from India, Australia, Canada, Germany, U.S., and other countries in Europe. I’m moved each time, often to tears, when I connect to someone whose face I may never see yet through our virtual community see their heart and know it as mine too! I’ve much gratitude and love for those involved in the forward movement of CNVC. Thank you for allowing me to participate.



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