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Working Group 11: Creating Access

This page is a central location for finding links to information about the activities and work of the "Creating Access" Working Group (CA-WG) of the Process for a New Future. 

Working Group members: ​Roxy Manning, Dunia Hategekimana, Amanda Blaine, Mika Maniwa, Jeyanthy Siva

Providing Input to the CA-WG

Provide feedback to the Creating Access Working Group

See the feedback for the Creating Access Working Group


Meeting Schedule

The initial meetings of this Working Group will be private, to support vulnerable sharing. We will announce it when we are ready to invite you to observe one or more of our upcoming meetings for the CA Working Group. 

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How to Join a Meeting

Here are two ways that you can join the meetings:

1.  VIDEO CONFERENCE*:  Join Online Meeting using the specified link. (If Zoom client doesn't autmatically load you can get it at

2.  PHONE:  Dial the phone number and enter the Meeting ID when prompted.

  • Join ZOOM meeting by phone: +1 646 558 8656 (US Toll) or +1 408 638 0968 (US Toll) Find International numbers here:

Guidelines for observers for the CA-WG meetings:

  • We welcome observers, and plan to set aside time  at the end of each of these calls for comments -- 5 minutes in a 60 minute meeting or 10 minutes in a 90 minute meeting. (Plus, the line will remain open after the end of the call for anyone who wants to stay after and dialogue with each other)

We welcome you to join us!

Recordings of past meetings.

Topic Area Description

From the Explanation of Topic Areas, the topic area that this Working Group is invited to address is:

Group 11: Creating Access

  • What, if anything, will we do to make the benefits of what we offer available to people:
    • with fewer economic resources
    • in areas without NVC organizations
    • with different languages and cultures
    • in different demographic groups
    • to many more people
  • Example outcomes:
    • A project will be started to identify great NVC learning resources (books, videos, etc.) and get their licensing changed to make them freely available.
    • A task force will launched to research models of viral peer-transmission of practices like NVC, for use in areas where a conventional “training” model would have limited reach.
    • A target will be set to deliver at least 10 percent of CNVC’s services to people unable to pay for those services.


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