Process for a New Future

CNVC is engaged in a multi-year project to create a new global NVC organisation. Members of the global NVC community have been invited to rethink, from the ground up, how we will organise ourselves. You are invited to follow this "New Future" process as it unfolds. There will be chances for your voice to be heard, and your talents may help to move things forward towards a collective dream being realised. This page serves as a portal to finding out about the process.

Quick Links


For an overview of the process, current as of May 2015, you might want to view this video:

4 Minute Video Summary of the New Future Process created by Milla Ahola

For further information on the process overall, you might want to view the New Future Information page.

What is Happening Now

We are currently nearing completion Phase 3 of the process, "Integration." In this phase, the Integration Council (which was elected by the Working Groups of Phase 2) has worked to develop an "Integrated Plan" for the future, and has selected an Implementation Council for the next phase.


New Future meetings are open to observers. View a list of all meetings, see List of Upcoming Meetings or Calendar (in UTC time zone, might not be up to date). Or visit the wep page for a particular group to see meetings or listen to recorded meetings for that particular group.

Site Map

New Future Home (here)

Discussion Forum

To discuss the process and receive announcements, join the forum cnvc-futur [at] googlegroups [dot] com. You can do this by sending an email tocnvc-futur+subscribe [at] googlegroups [dot] com ( cnvc-futur+subscribe [at] googlegroups [dot] com). When you receive an acknowledgment email, either reply to that message or click the "Join" button that appears in the message. Or, join on the web by visiting Just click on the Join Group icon and select your options for immediate access.

Volunteer to Help Translate

CNVC  would like information on the process and its progress to be accessible to people who speak a variety of languages. If you would like to volunteer to help translate written materials from English to a language in which you are fluent, please write to translationmanager [at] cnvc [dot] org for information on how to join CNVC' s team of volunteer translators.

Previous News

December 2015. Nine Working Groups (WGs) in total were approved by the CNVC Board, developed plans, and elected an Integration Council. These WGs include "1: Purpose", "2: Structure & Governance",  "3: Effectiveness & Alignment with Values", "4: Resource Generation, Allocation & Management", "5: Community", "6: Certification, NVC Integrity and Individual Affiliation", "8: Training", and "9: Social Change & Peacemaking", and 11: Creating Access. Three Working Groups (number 7: Supporting those Transmitting NVC, and number 10: Media, Outreach & Networking; 12: Evolution, Innovation & Supporting Big Projects) did not form.

June 12, 2015. The "Certification, NVC Integrity and Individual Affiliation" Working Group has been populated and is beginning its work. 

June 8, 2015. The "Purpose" Working Group has been populated and is beginning its work.

May 2015. The first Working Group, "Structure and Governance," has begun its work. Other Working Groups are in the process of being populated. See the links to particular Working Groups, below, for details.

Auguest 2014. Results of the Synanim process are now available.

June 6, 2014. The invitation to sign-up for the Synanim on-line process has been sent out.

June 5, 2014. A diagram of the overall process has been made available.

May 1, 2014. A letter was sent encouraging self-organizing to "clear the space" emotionally.

April 13, 2014. If you have questions or would like to talk about the “Process for a New Future”, you are invited join a CNVC Board member for a conference call on April 15, 16/17, or 22SummariesCall #1,  Call #3;  RecordingsCall #1,   Call #2,   Call #3.

April 10, 2014. The process has been announced. For details, download the documents attached to this page, including a cover letterprocess description, and commentary.

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