I first met Marshall at Stadtschlaining in Austria at an event called 'Compair' which was about comparing and cross-fertilising different peace-making methods. Marshall had me in tears within minutes as something deep inside of me saw this was a missing piece & perspective in my life and the world at large with powerful implications. Later, Marshall sat next to me during a session and said he was bored and whether I wanted to go out for a walk. During a weekend in Switzerland that followed we spoke more about the organisation and I visited the India IIT to get to know Gary and more of the team. Marshall had warned me at the lunch table in Stadtschlaining that NVC was absorbing (I don't recall his exact words), but many years on I realise he was right. NVC has shifted a lot in me, away from pursuing my outcomes at whatever cost, able to let go of specific strategies, deeper relationships and more freedom to be myself. Thank you for all your wisdom, energy, risk-taking, joy and humour Marshall!

When I first met Valentina in Mexico, there was a deep immediate connection and despite the difficult transition time at CNVC we have been through together, the warmth and openness of that connection has always stayed alive for me. Marshall was very lucky to meet you, Valentina, and the contributions you have and continue to make to his wellbeing are immeasurable. Thank you for your enormous heart, vulnerability, care and persistence!

Lots of love.