Host an Intensive Training with CNVC

We are grateful that you would like to organize an intensive training in Nonviolent Communication-- thank you for your interest. We enjoy working in partnership with local organizers to offer intensive trainings throughout the world!

Here are some of the considerations that use to agree to work with local organizers. If you have any questions. please email our Programs Department.

A. Preparation and Readiness

1. Have you read the Manual for Organizing an intensive training with CNVC?
Please read the Manual before filling out the rest of the form. After reading the manual, if you are in alignment with our approach, please return to this form. We look forward to hearing from you then!

2. Do you have the capacity and time required to organize this intensive training?
When the time is right for you -- when you have the capacity and the time -- please return to this form.

B. About You

Please provide us with basic information about you.
Where you live the majority of the time.
Mobile phone preferred. Include your country code.
6. Have you organized any intensive trainings with CNVC in the past?
Approximate dates are fine. Example: "2017 in Brazil."

C. About the Training

What is your ideal timing or date range?

4. Have you identified Certified Trainers who you are hoping will be a part of the trainer team?
Please describe the criteria that are being met through these trainers.

Examples: Certified Trainers, Certification Candidates, co-organizers, or others.

Here are the skills. If not, how will you address the gap? Are there other people who you can invite to be part of the organizing team who are skilled in the areas that you are not as strong in?

How would you respond if any tension or conflict arose that was linked to a dynamic of difference or sensitivity around race, colour, economic status, etc.?