Register: 9-day residential retreat (IIT) in Montenegro: May 2023

Steps to register:

  1. Complete this form to show your interest and availability to attend this training. You will receive an email confirming your preliminary registration and a link where you can pay the tuition fee.
  2. Make the payment and confirm your space.
  3. Receive the confirmation of your payment and your place at the event.
  4. Arrange your travel to the event.

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5. About You
Check each item that describes you. Key: IIT = International Intensive Training. VIT = Virtual Intensive Training (more information about IITs and VITs).
Tell us what you remember about the event you attended (approximate year, trainers, and/or location if it was an IIT)
It is helpful for us to know which evaluators have candidates attending this event.
Have you attended an IIT before?
[either before or after you became a Certified Trainer]
6. How did you learn about this event?
Check every way that you heard about this event.
7. What is your experience with Nonviolent Communication (NVC)?