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Supporters identify themselves for many reasons and may include individuals with varied levels and backgrounds of NVC. Please contact the individual or group directly to find out if the level and/or topic of interest is in alignment with what you are hoping to find. If there are multiple supporters or organizations in your area, you may want to explore each one to find the person or group that is most nurturing for you.

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Namesort icon CNVC Role City Province/State Country Interests Language(s)
_ kumarjeev Nagpur India Counseling, Leadership, Mediation/Conflict Resolution, Relationships, Social Change, Spiritual Growth, Violence Prevention, Youth Programs English, Marathi
Żyraf Kucharczyk Pretzchendorf Germany
Zyper Love Utah Utah United States Business English
Zygmunt Majewski Wittichenau Germany
Zygmunt Lipski Wittenau Germany
Zygmunt Dawid Dohna Germany
Zygmunt Chlebowski Kreischa Germany
Zuzia Szewczyk Wittichenau Germany
Zuzia Piotrowska Wittichenau Germany
Zuzia Nowicka Dresden Germany
Zuzia Kamińska Dohna Germany
Zulma Slatkin Lohmen Germany
Zulma Chattin Ratibor Germany
Zulma Allaman Marienfelde Germany
zubair Business English
Zsofia Rado budapest Budapest Hungary Emotional Intelligence, Healing, Mediation/Conflict Resolution, Parenting, Relationships, Restorative Justice, Schools/Education, Youth Programs English, French, Hungarian
zrnpahuv ezkxfpc Marienfelde Germany
zpmtlkrs skdszeo Bautzen Germany
ZParent Anger, Distance Learning (Phone/Skype/Web), Emotional Intelligence, Healing, Healthcare, Leadership, Mediation/Conflict Resolution, Parenting, Prisons, Relationships, Restorative Justice, Schools/Education, Social Change, Spiritual Growth, Violence Prevention, Youth Programs English
Zoya Zviagintseva Moscow Moscow (Province) Russia Anger, Business, Counseling, Distance Learning (Phone/Skype/Web), Emotional Intelligence, Leadership, Mediation/Conflict Resolution, Parenting, Relationships, Schools/Education, Social Change, Spiritual Growth, Violence Prevention, Youth Programs English, Russian
zoraya Spain
zonia New York Massachusetts United States
Zoltan Nagy Budapest Budapest Hungary Anger, Mediation/Conflict Resolution, Schools/Education, Violence Prevention English, Hungarian
Zoli Greensboro North Carolina United States Anger, Business, Healthcare, Leadership, Mediation/Conflict Resolution, Parenting, Relationships English, German, Hungarian
zoidae English
Zofia Aleksandra Certified Trainer Warsaw Mazowieckie Poland Mediation/Conflict Resolution, Parenting, Relationships, Schools/Education English, Polish
zofffsiv oleocvy Dresden Germany
Zoe wilson Melbourne Victoria Australia Healthcare
Zoe Stachera Ratibor Germany
Zoe Miller Reno Nevada United States
Zoe Krzywicki Lohmen Germany
Zoe K Minnesota United States English
Zoe New York New York United States
zkwcdhhr bnvjdnb Lohmen Germany
zkva1 Nagercoil Tamil Nadu India
zktxulvv hscidle Lohmen Germany
zjma1 Tamil Nadu India Restorative Justice Arabic
ziomal Obama Dohna Germany
ziomal john234 Marienfelde Germany
ziomal john13 Pretzchendorf Germany
ziomal Ford Hoyerswerda Germany
Zineb El Kouhen Emotional Intelligence, Healing, Leadership, Mediation/Conflict Resolution, Relationships, Social Change, Spiritual Growth Arabic, English, French
Zineb Abdelmalki Brussels Belgium English, French
Zinawe Atlanta Georgia United States
Ziliotto Barueri São Paulo Brazil Business, Counseling, Emotional Intelligence, Relationships, Social Change, Spiritual Growth English, Portuguese, Spanish
ziemowit Kusmierz Marienfelde Germany
Ziemowit Giergielewicz Wittichenau Germany

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