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Films Recommended by NVC Trainers

Films recommended by NVC Trainers -- presumably all somehow in the spirit of NVC of of particular interest in those who resonate to NVC.

These were submitted by various members of the CNVC-trainers email forum on approximately 8 January 2013 at the request of Christine King, and then compiled by her.

"Happy—the Movie" recommended by Christine King. Film travels all over the world
understanding what makes people happy—turns out, it's not what most people might
think. (Available on Netflix streaming)

"Invictus", recommended by Roger Sorrow. This drama based on real-life events
tells the story of what happened after the end of apartheid when newly elected
President Nelson Mandela used the 1995 World Cup rugby matches to unite his
people in South Africa. Very inspirational and models RJ.
[Note added by Alex: IMO the book by the same title is even richer]

"Patch Adams", recommended by Gitta Zimmerman. Being bored by the usual doctors,
Patch Adams starts his own medical career. He rubs up with a lot of people by
his "unconventional" behavior. He listens to the patients emphatically, makes
fun with cancer children with a clown nose, gives them back their hope. This is
one of my favorite films, deep and funny.

"The Help", recommended by Miki Kashtan, about a brave young White woman who
joins forces with a few brave African-American housemaids in the South
to create something of magnificent transformation. It shows more the
power of courage and truth and people coming together, which I also
believe is an essential component of what I hope all of us are teaching.

"Freedom Writers", recommended by Miki Kashtan, based on a true story of how a
young English teacher contributed to the transformation of high school kids from
rough inner city neighborhoods through engaging with them in a deeply loving way
and "forcing" them to write journals. a book is also available which has
excerpts from the actual journals. extraordinary, both.


"I Am: the Documentary", recommended by Peggy Smith. Explores what's wrong with
the world and what we can do about it .... answer, celebrate that everything is
alive and Empathy

"Dirt: the Movie", recommended by Peggy Smith. An intimate and heart wrenching
and inspirational in-depth look at dirt - how humans inter-are with it. While it
shows how humans are currently misusing dirt, it also honors and celebrates. The
movie ends upbeat and heart opening. (available on Netflix streaming)

(3 recommendations for this film)
"As it is in Heaven", recommended by Peggy Smith, Pernille Plantener, and Hanna
Savanna. While this movie has many disturbing themes (domestic violence, the
loneliness of modern life, religion when it is used to shame) it demonstrates
the human capacity to find community, compassion and Voice within the pain. I
have found some people very disturbed by the domestic violence scenes so use
with care.

"Confronting the Truth", recommended by Gerhard Rothhaupt about truth commissions
in over 20 countries. Available from

"Beyond Conviction" recommended by Jane Connor, extremely compelling documentary
showing actual restorative conferences with 2 cases of murder and one of rape.\
It costs $100 and it can be purchased here:

From Susanne Kalkowski

I recommend "The Heart of Jenin", it's a documentary about a palestinian father
who's 12year old son was shot dead by Israeli soldiers and who decided to donate
the organs of his son to Israeli children. 1,5 years later the fathers visits
some of the children (one is a little girl from an orthodox jewish family) and
the film shows his encounters with the children and their families... I've
hardly seen a film that touched me more during the last years,...
here's the synopsis:
the film is german/israeli co-production and I don't know if its easily
available in the US ... if you're strongly interested in the film I suggest you
ask Eikon Film (contact in the menu of the website from the link ...) how to get
a copy in the US... I guess there is also a version on youtube with english
another documentary which really touched and impressed me is 'Arna's Children',
it's about the peace work through theatre for young people of Arna Mer Khamis (
the mother of Juliano Mer Khamis), she was from a zionist jewish family and
married to a palestinian and was human rights activist... she build up the
'freedom theatre' in Jenin
"The Power of Forgiveness", recommended by Hema Pokharna
"The Other Son", 2012 PG-13, recommended by Alex Censor
While preparing to enter the Israeli military for his compulsory service, young
Joseph Silberg learns he was accidentally switched at birth with the son of an
Arab couple from the West Bank -- a shocking revelation that sends both families
"Ground Hog Day", recommended by Alex Censor. The protagonist is stuck having to
re-live one day over and over again. He is essentially, he discovers,
"immortal." First he resists his situation trying to get out of this day. Then
he, being in a position where he has no long term consequences for his actions,
goes through a phase where he takes advantage of that to get his needs met at
others' expense. Finally he realizes that the only thing that gives him real
satisfaction is to use his unique characteristics and situation to go though
that same day over and over again using his knowledge of expected events coming
that day to get better and better at nurturing others. Very humorous. Probably
my FIRST recommendation for a movie that implicitly supports the NVC core.
"Secrets and Lies" recommended by Alex Censor. British movie from about 1990 or
so. A family confronts secrets and long-forgotten lies in this bittersweet
drama. With no man in her life, single mom Cynthia (Brenda Blethyn) finds life
with her sullen daughter, Roxanne (Claire Rushbrook), one big disappointment.
But everything changes when Hortense (Marianne Jean-Baptiste) shows up claiming
to be the daughter Cynthia gave up for adoption -- a revelation that shakes
Cynthia's entire family. Timothy Spall co-stars.
"Goodbye, Bafana" recommended by Irmtraud Kauschat
Based on real experience: Nelson Mandela and his guard on Robben Island
developed relationship from dislike to friendship. I am ever and ever again
impressed by the impact empathy has.
From Lorna, trainer in Berlin: I asked a friend here who is not on this mailing
list but has organized RC workshops here in Germany with dominic Barter many
times. So I'm forwarding her idea to you all, with greetings from Annett Zupke.
She recommends this documentary in 4 parts…here is the first part…"Meeting with
a Kille
r"….but do take note, is not "easy listening" mode.

From Catherine Cadden, Play in the Wild! Here's a partial of our list – still
too long to give explanations of each so you'll just get titles – I trust google
can help with the rest. If you'd like me to offer more any particular films as
to the why – please feel free to ask.

My Neighbor Totoro
Princess Mononoke
Kiki's Delivery Service
We Bought A Zoo
Temple Grandin
Favela Rising
Fierce Light
Paper Clips
Scared Sacred
The Constant Gardener
Turtles Can Fly
Whale Rider
Bran Nu Dae
Hotel Rwanda
Schindler's List
Malcolm X
Finding Forrester
Cry Freedom
Super 8
Rabbit Proof Fence
A Force More Powerful
Touch the Sound

Born Into Brothels
We Shall Remain (series)
Reel Injun
City of Gods
Only When I Dance
Murundak - Songs of Freedom
The Fast Runner
Tupac: Resurrection
Boyz 'n the Hood
Mad Bastards
The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil

And aside – have y'all see this

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