FAQ for Global Home

You can also see the basic instructions for getting started with the CNVC Global Home.

Q: I reset my password and it works for 7-10 days, but then it stops working. How can I fix this?

A: The most common reason this occurs is when people use a password manager that automatically fills in your username and password. For some reason, password managers do not work well with our login. Instead, change your password and write down your password (your username is your email address) and enter it manually whenever the system tells you to log in.


Q: I am trying to reset my password, but I never receive an email with instructions. How can I get this?

A: Go to this page and click (Forgot password) and enter the email address where you have been receiving email notifications whenever someone posts to the Global Home. If you have never received these notifications, be sure to use the email address that is the main one you have used with CNVC in the past. If you're not sure, try a different email address until one works (the way that the Global Home recognizes you is by your email address). If all else fails, email us.


Q: I need help figuring out how to use the Global Home -- who can I contact?

A: Email us at [email protected]

Q: Is there a mobile app that I can use to access the Global Home?

A: No, but you can access it using any web browser on your mobile phone or any other device with an internet connection. (iPhone/IOS users: Safari works best)

Q: How will I know when a discussion is happening that I am interested in? Do I have to visit the CNVC website all the time in order to find out?

A: You can receive email notifications about what is being posted on the CNVC Global Home and set the frequency: immediately, daily, weekly, or never. Click the circle in the upper right corner (which contains either your photo or your initials) and select, “Account Settings," then "Email & Notifications." Please Note: There are seven types of content that you can choose the frequency for.

Q: I do not see the “translate” button. How can I translate posts into the language that I want?

A: The translate button is only displayed when a post is written in a language that is not your Display Language. To change your display language:

  1. Click your photo or initials in the upper right hand corner
  2. Account Settings
  3. Display Language
  4. Choose your preferred language