Dear Marshall! My husband died this fall. I had an interview with the priest, and he spoke strangely and listened to me in a strange way, and afterwards I felt so good. So I went to Church on Sunday and after some time I asked him why he spoke like he did, meaning both the words themselves, the way he turned them and the thoughts behind.

Then he told me about NVC. It was exciting to meet this language and world from one who was doing it, - not telling it. And I was so excited to find out that there was a well described process behind it, because it made me feel so safe, trusting and curious. Then I watched your 9 sessions on YouTube and I was spellbound. And now I have been to courses and summer camp and I'm participating in a practice group. I have found a lot of peace in myself being aware of judgments , triggers and the inner child.

I use NVC at work in my school both for communication and mediation and it makes things much more fun and life-enriching. And I have deep, meaningful relations with my new giraffe friends and are being met by tenderness and love and also being aware, that we can resolve the conflicts we have, and it is amazing and meets my need for community and meaning.

Thank you for spending your life to develop NVC and spreading it , making it possible for me to discover. To me it has meant a wonderful new life. I feel deeply grateful for your work; it fills my need for development, my need to contributing and my need for being connected to the flow of life. Lovingly Bodil R. Nielsen