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Not showing up in the Supporters or Certified Trainers search?

Whether you are a CNVC supporter, a CNVC Certified Trainer, or an Assessor, to show up in the supporters search results you must do two things.

  1. You must actively consent to be seen as a NVC Supporter via your Supporter profile. When you select this action will provide you access to editing/updating your profile. 
  2. Then for us to be able to have your show up, we need for you to provide a full public name in the field provided. Without this information, you would show up as a blank entry, so it's necessary for you to share the name you want us to display.

Where do I go to update my supporter profile?

Go to you user account page and you will see a Supporter Profile tab. Click on it and fill out the information, as much as you'd like to share. But, be advised that to be seen in public searches you must consent and share a full public name.

Actively consent to sharing your supporter profile information with the public.