Learn Nonviolent Communication

There are many ways to learn, practice, and share NVC:

NVC Trainings

Workshops and classes are a great way to learn while exchanging experiences with other NVC supporters. Trainings include introductory presentations, weekend workshops, week-long residential workshops, long-term online classes, and everything in between.

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CNVC Certified Trainers

CNVC Certified Trainers possess the knowledge and skills to provide support in your path to NVC proficiency.

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International Intensive Trainings

IITs are 9-day residential workshops sponsored by CNVC in various locations around the world. They are "immersion experiences," led by a group of three to five CNVC Certified Trainers. Each IIT typically includes 40 to 70 participants of varying levels of NVC proficiency. The purpose of the IIT is to provide an opportunity to practice NVC in community over an extended period of time, to encourage development of NVC skills and consciousness.

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CNVC Bookstore

The CNVC Bookstore offers NVC materials for purchase. All proceeds contribute to the sustainability of CNVC.  

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NVC Academy

The NVC Academy offers trainings from a large number of CNVC Certified Trainers, through a multimedia library, online workshops, and telecourses by phone.  

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NVC Practice Groups

Connect with other NVC students in your local community by joining an established practice group or by forming one yourself. Each practice group develops their own dynamic, using materials selected to meet their particular interest. Purchase items from the CNVC Bookstore to study in your practice group.  

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Become a CNVC Certified Trainer 

If you are interested in becoming a CNVC Certified Trainer, we suggest reading the Certification Preparation Packet (CPP) in its entirety, to determine if pursuing CNVC Certification is your path.

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