CNVC Staff


Danielle Beenders

International Intensive Trainings Coordinator and Acting Executive Director | Netherlands

Danielle is excited to be part of the CNVC team again after a 6 year break. She is back at the IIT desk which she missed. She speak Dutch, English, some German and French and is looking forward to serving the worldwide NVC community with their training needs. During her break Danielle ran a B&B, hosting guests from around the world, and she worked at an accounting office. She will apply these new skills to her work with IITs.


Alison Simari

Certification Program Administrator

| United Kingdom

Alison was born in Liverpool, England, and has lived in the United States for over 30 years. After earning a degree in American Studies in the UK, she made a permanent move to the US. Alison joined CNVC in 2010. She enjoys being part of an organization that has a worldwide presence and impact that is committed to social change. She appreciates the many opportunities to learn, grow, and share in the vision and mission of CNVC.

Teresa Fore

Teresa Fore

Office Manager

| Japan & the Philippines

Teresa was born and raised in Japan, regularly visiting her ancestral home of the Philippines for summer vacations. Having become an American citizen and living in Albuquerque, NM, for over 20 years, she now considers herself a Filipino-American Burqueña. She joined CNVC in 2010, finding deep fulfillment in learning NVC and connecting with NVC supporters all over the world.

Matthew Lopez

Matthew Lopez

Bookstore Clerk | United States

Matthew Lopez is a long-term bookseller, former environmental scientist, and volunteer with several city-run entities in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He loves the outdoors, traveling, and engaging with sociably-minded people on how to better their communities. Matt is new to the Center for Nonviolent Communication and is looking forward to the many opportunities to learn, grow, and engage with members of the NVC community.


Penny Fore

Office Dog

| United States

Penny joined the CNVC staff in August 2012. As a full-time nonprofit dog, she enjoys greeting delivery people, eating whatever food may pass her way, being a lap warmer during meetings, and regularly reminding her coworkers to go outside for a walk and fresh air.

The Staff of CNVC

We come together as an act of service, working for the good of all, embracing the oneness and interconnectedness of all, in support of there being more love, harmony, empowerment, aliveness and liberation in the world. We do this by enabling, facilitating, nurturing and inspiring others -- those who share NVC, those curious about NVC, and those who desire heartfelt connection -- in their efforts to realize our collective dreams. 

We create a living experience of NVC, in our work together and in the experiences we offer those with whom we interact. We embody and are committed to care, which we understand as including compassion, honesty and protective use of force. We are connected to the larger meaning of our work. We value passion, joy, vulnerability, courage, play, self-responsibility and self-care.

We cultivate a shared understanding of our shared responsibilities and the needs these serve. We own these responsibilities collectively, partnering to ensure that what needs doing is addressed with quality and excellence. 

We care for our interconnectedness with awareness of the impact of our choices. We support each individual in applying their passion in service to the whole, acknowledging our different levels of comfort and skill with the tasks for which we are collectively responsible. We cultivate acceptance, and loving what is, while honoring the significance and beauty of our longings.

We support and participate in the co-created ongoing evolution of this organization and the work we are doing together. We value alignment and connection with the larger CNVC community and communities who share our vision.