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Concentric Circles of Belonging

Concentric CirclesI just finished a memo to the Training Team asking for some copy to put on a new page that will go on our Learn NVC section introducing CNVC Certified Trainers in which I wrote up some of my thoughts about the purpose and function of our web site that I want to share with you.

It is about creating Concentric Circles of Connection. Robert Gonzalez who is the President of our Board of Directors used that phrase to describe his vision of CNVC at the in person Board of Directors meeting in New Mexico last week.

It is an image I like very much. The way i see Concentric Circles of Connection overcomes mankind's historical inability to express belonging without expressing who does not belong.

This requires one circle of belonging that includes everyone.

I would like you to know that my experience, as a web master, has taught me to focus our message on one of the next circles of belonging; those people who come to our site for the first time. I wanted to make sure the text for this new page spoke to those people, about 10,000 a month

These people are our present and our future. If we meet their needs, they will attend our trainings, form support groups, buy our books and teach others. Some of them will become inspired to join some of the many circles that support our mission, some will become certified trainers and a few of them may become our future board members.

If we take care of their needs by creating copy that contains the level of information that first time visitors find useful, and that uses a “one on one”, candid, friendly style of writing that web visitors find satisfying we go a very long way to meeting the needs of all the other circles of belonging.

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