CNVC Extended Leadership Team Forum

Click here for support documents used in today's presentation.

The Yugma Meeting number in the email was incorrect. The correct number is 310 066 763, we regret the inconvenience.

Subject: Preparation & Call-in Information for CNVC Extended Leadership Team Forum

You are warmly invited to join the Extended Leadership Team Forum.

This email contains information about how you can join this meeting as an observer if you wish (and all the free or low-cost ways to do that), and about some preparation you might choose to do now to support you in getting the most out of the meeting. 

 Our hope is this meeting will support connection among our NVC Community.

Danielle, Glenda, Jerry, Margo, Marshall, Miguel, Noam, Pan, Valentina
CNVC Extended Leadership Team Forum


Date:   Tues April 14 (Wed April 15 in parts of Asia / Pacific)
Time:   17:00 UTC/GMT; 11 am US Mountain Time, 7 pm Central European Time, 10:30 pm in Sri Lanka and New Delhi, 3 am Wed April 15 in Sydney - for additional times, please use a service like
Length:  2 hours

*Conference Bridge Number:  +1 218 936 6581
Access Code:  24249

*Note: To provide free or low-cost access for as many members of our community as possible, we are using our World-Wide Affordable Voice to Voice Connection.  To see all the different ways you can join the call, please see

If you are a member of Calliflower you can access this call with this link:


You can view the proposed agenda for the meeting at  Please note this will be changing over time as we prepare for the meeting.  We are also intending to use this document to capture our minutes "live" during the meeting.

During the meeting, you will have two options for seeing the material the members are using:

  1. You can follow along by clicking on the different links in the agenda above to see the various documents as the speakers reference them, or
  2. You can use a tool called Yugma that will automatically show you exactly what each presenter is looking at as they speak. 

In order to use Yugma, before the meeting you will need to download a free copy of some software onto your computer.  For instructions and how to get support see "Installing Yugma" below.  Once Yugma is installed, at the time of the call you will simply click on the following link: to see what the meeting members are seeing on their screens. (Note: this link will only work at the time of the call)


If you would like to provide feedback on this material to the whole Leadership Team, please use one of the following feedback forms:

"Public" -

"Private" -

"Public" is a short-form for "input provided on this form will be accessible by any member of our community"

"Private" is a short form for "input provided on this form will be viewable only by Leadership Team members"


Note: We have made arrangements to use this service to support as much connection, ease and shared understanding as possible.  And no CNVC-associated person has had any difficulty with their computer after doing the following.  However, CNVC does not assume any responsibility either for the software, or any problems that might occur on your system during or after installing it.

  1. Go to  to let Yugma check whether it will work on your system.  Note: You don't need to know anything technical about your system, Yugma performs the checks automatically for you.
  2. Go to the Yugma homepage (  Click the Download button near the top left of the screen. On the next screen click the Download button for the version of Yugma you need (Windows, Mac or Linux).
  3. Once the downloading is complete, click to install Yugma on your system.
  4. Once the installation is complete, Yugma will start automatically.
    To close it, you will click on File, Exit on the main Yugma screen.  Sometimes Yugma shrinks to a small square with four icons and you can’t see the main screen.  If this happens, click on the icon in the lower left-hand side to expand the panel.  Then click on File, Exit to close Yugma.

If you have any difficulty with this process, you can use the "Ask Live" option in the top left of the main Yugma screen ( during its online hours.  Or you can contact Pan Vera at webmaster [at] cnvc [dot] org.


At the start time of the meeting, click the following link: This will show you what the meeting members are seeing on their computer screens.

During the meeting you can minimize the Yugma panel. It will shrink to a small square with four icons. Once the meeting is complete click on the icon, in the lower left hand side to expand the panel, then click on File, Exit to close Yugma.

We look forward to connecting with you on April 14 / 15th.
CNVC Extended Leadership Team Forum

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