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CNVC Certified Trainer Fee

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Typically payments are made for the activity previous year's NVC activity. You can now make payments for the current year, or wait until your annual activity is complete.

Please enter the amount that you choose to pay for the CNVC Certified Trainer Fee.

If you wish to make payment for more than one year, enter the amount and select the first year, then add to cart. At the cart screen, select Continue Shopping which will return you to this page where you can select a different year and add it to the cart again. You can then add a third payment in the same way.

If your amount is incorrectly changed to $0.00 in the checkout process please call the web master at +1-802-659-0144 or send an e-mail to webmaster [at] cnvc [dot] org right away.

If you are a Certification Candidate and want to pay your Final Certification Fee, click here

Minimum: $0.01

Final Certification Fee


Final Certification Fee to be used when a Candidate has completed the steps to become a CNVC Certified Trainer.

If you are already certified and want to make an annual Trainer Commission Fee Payment Click Here.


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