Board Election Timeline: 2021

Dear CNVC Members,

We invite you to participate in the search for two new Board Members of CNVC! On this page, we will transparently share the election process with you.

In order to honor the wisdom of the CNVC members, all Certified Trainers (CTs) and CNVC staff are invited to nominate up to 3 people to become candidates for board membership. 

Our Request: Enter up to 3 names of people who you want to nominate as candidates for board members on or before 12-August-2021. You may nominate yourself or anyone else (either from within the NVC community or outside it).

After the nomination the CNVC Members will vote for new Board members.

Before making your nominations, please read the Board Members Expectations. In addition, please consider the additional skills and qualifications we are looking for in the Matrix outlining the holistic approach for the Board of Directors (focus on the yellow highlights).
To nominate people, please fill out the Nomination Form.

Timeline and process:

  • DAY 1 (03-Aug-2021) - Nomination: Each Certified Trainer (CT) and staff can nominate up to 3 people among CTs and beyond the trainer community to become candidates for board membership. The Nomination form is open for 10 days.
  • DAY 10 (13-Aug-2021) - Names of all the nominees will be announced to the network. CNVC will contact each nominee and check their willingness to serve on the Board. If the answer is ‘yes’, they will write an introduction of themselves.
  • DAY 20 (23-Aug-2021) - CNVC announces all candidates with the self-introduction texts.
  • DAY 30 (01-Sep-2021) - Voting: A survey will be sent out to all Members of CNVC including all introduction texts.  Each CT can express their level of support to each candidate with comments of 40 words to each candidate if they choose to. The Election survey stays open for 5 days.
    Scale of support from: -3 (Strong resistance) -2  -1, 0 (Neutral), +1 +2 +3 (Strong support)
  • DAY 35 (06-Sep-2021) - The Voting ends.
  • DAY 40 (11-Sept-2021) - The full result of the voting will be shared. This includes the level of support each candidate received from the Members, and all comments that Members have written for candidates. The identity of all Members who expressed their opinion in the Voting survey will not be shared. CNVC will use the result to the 2 candidates with the highest level of support to join the Board.

The new Board will be composed of 7 members: 2 new members and 5 from the existing Board.

The term of the two new board members will begin on 15-September-2021 and is for 3 years. The Board will, in consultation with the community, focus on continuing the work on designing and implementing the shared-governance model which will support the ever growing network to achieve our vision of spreading NVC to the critical mass of people on this beautiful planet. 

When the term is up for the five board members who were extended for 10 months (mid-May 2022), the Board will conduct another election for those five seats.
With joyous anticipation and celebration,

Farrah Baut-Carlier, Board President
Jeff Brown, Interim Executive Director