Candidates for CNVC Board: 2022

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The following 11 people are candidates for five (5) open seats on the CNVC Board of Directors, listed in reverse alphabetical order by first name. To see the candidates' introductions, click on the person's name or scroll through the page.

  1. Lori DeLaney (United States)
  2. Kirsten Kristensen (Denmark)
  3. Kanya Likanasudh (Thailand)
  4. Judy Bleil Saruhan (Turkey)
  5. John Reel (Canada)
  6. Farrah Baut-Carlier (Luxembourg)
  7. Eric Huang (United States)
  8. Camila Reyes Azcuénaga (Colombia)
  9. Amal Mekouar (Morocco)
  10. Allan Rohlfs (United States)
  11. Harriet Slive (United States) - Note: Withdrawn

In addition, you can see the Members who nominated these candidates, and the reasons that they gave for nominating them in English | Deutsch | Français | Español | Italiano. Out of 39 people who were nominated, these 11 accepted the nomination and agreed to be part of the Board election.

1. Lori DeLaney

Lori DeLaney

Email Lori  |  Country: United States

Languages: English |  Ethnicity: Caucasian

Recruitment Priorities: Finance and Accounting, Fundraising, Governance, Nonviolent Communication, Nonprofit Organizations

Brief Summary: After leading a diverse team delivering therapy services to underserved families with developmentally delayed kids for 27 years, retired as a nonprofit executive director. Skills include strategic planning; managed a multimillion-dollar endowment; operated within a million-dollar budget; applied for grants; collaborated with local children’s hospital/organizations; expanded program services/staff.

Full Introduction: Making a difference, learning, and collaborating have been lifelong passions for me. Grounded in values of compassion, listening, partnership, and empowerment helped me focus on decreasing disparities and ensuring access to services for families with children with disabilities for 27 years. I earned a Master’s degree in Health Care Administration and Doctorate of Physical Therapy. I secured grants to bring NVC to the parents at Tichenor Clinic for Children and support to their practice group. With Eric Huang, I helped create NVCDayOne to provide an online platform for candidates to facilitate NVC workshops. I coach clients individually, teach NVC, and assist with NVC projects and events. I am on the organizing team for the Los Angeles IIT. I have assisted NVC Academy with large events and in organizing community rooms for those events.

Why I want to serve:

  • Financial Stability: I have experience focusing on the key financial vital signs; with budgets, financial statements, financial projections, and dashboards.
  • Fundraising streams are balanced, diverse and sophisticated: To thrive, CNVC needs to diversify its funding streams to include raising funds from a good mix of individuals (large and small donations), foundations and grants, events, online, and more.
  • Board responsibilities: It will need ongoing education about board roles with highly functioning committees with clear charges and annual goals.
  • Clear, strong and compelling external presence: Starting with its website, how can we create a central resource that the stakeholders would look to for resources, connections, and more?
  • Growing and engaging stakeholders in the work: There needs to be an intelligent and integrated strategy for welcoming in donors, volunteers, prospective board members, staff and those committed to NVC through learning, practicing, facilitating, training. CNVC needs to continue to increase transparency and communication with its stakeholders.
  • Strategy: The adaptive problems CNVC faces are complex, poorly defined/disputed, and there is no agreement on solutions. What can we put our minds and hearts to that we can raise money around? I would want to build on what the current board has worked on, their findings, and successes.
  • Board experience: Board members need to be strategic partners, fully engaged, and mobilize and cultivate connections that grow the organization. Boards need to openly discuss issues, monitor so that we are functioning effectively, and focus on what matters most. To continue the work of the previous board, I am very interested in training on cultural and structural dynamics, trauma informed practices, and social change for trainers and candidates; increasing power-with processes/structures; and creating strong repair processes.
  • Personal stake in the success of CNVC: As a certification candidate, I have a direct stake in the health of CNVC. I want it to thrive and become a global presence that meets needs globally. The world needs NVC now more than ever to address how polarized and violent we have become. I have the time, passion, and desire to bring my experience and skills to collaborate with the board to grow and make CNVC stronger.

2. Kirsten Kristensen

Kirsten Kristensen

Email Kirsten  |  Country: Denmark

Languages: English, Danish, German  |  Ethnicity: Citizen of the earth, member of humanity

Recruitment Priorities: Finance and Accounting, Fundraising, Governance, Nonviolent Communication, Restorative Approaches, Nonprofit Organizations

Brief Summary: I would like to continue serving on the CNVC board, because it meets my need for meaning, challenge, fun, learning, community and hope for peace in our world. I have been learning NVC since 1998 and am still working on integrating it more and more in my life.

Full Introduction: "Conflicts are an invitation to get creative and find new solutions." I would like to continue serving on CNVC board, because I have found it very meaningful the last 20 months, and I have appetite for more. I have learned a lot. We have sailed stormy seas, and now we have come to more calm waters. I enjoy how we have supported each other on the team while doing challenging work. I enjoy how productive we have been the last months. I see us being in a good place to implement more of the accumulated learnings from the last year.

I feel motivated to take another round in service of the board, because there are pieces to the governance that I would enjoy being part of implementing. Maybe with a bit more spaciousness in time than what the board had last year :-) I want to continue the progress we have made in 2 big areas: Financial Sustainability and Reconnection and Healing among CT’s. I have willingness to continue serving as the treasurer. I have come to enjoy that part of my role on the board. I feel satisfied applying skills from my many years of working as an accountant.

Last summer I initiated the work with Fundraising through Philanthropy, and I am committed to contribute to an economic foundation for NVC Projects around the world. This might enable more flow of resources from North to South. I want our fundraising to make NVC more available to under-privileged groups and regions such as Asia, Africa and Latin America, and to conflict regions, such as Ukraine and more.

I enjoy that CNVC is taking steps forward in the areas of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB). DEIB for me is a bit like Nonviolence - it serves me and others better when I aspire to live it. I aspire to live it within my team of board members, and with others we interact with. I see the task for the board to create structures enriched by needs-based consciousness to help us move away from separation and towards living our interdependence. Structures that set us free to live connection and belonging without “us-them / othering”. No more “othering”.

I like Marshalls words about interconnection: "Our survival as a species depends on our ability to recognize that our well-being and the well-being of others are in fact one and the same." ~ Marshall Rosenberg

I have trust in our collective intelligence when we decentralize decision making so that teams / circles can work with as much freedom as possible and at the same time have a clear way of measuring whether what we are doing is serving our vision and mission.

  • I have experience as a founding member of LIVKOM, with international outreach since 2009.
  • I run a publishing house for NVC books: Rosenlund Forlag.
  • I have created videos about NVC in School now translated into 12 languages.
  • I am a mediator and family therapist. My website.

3. Kanya Likanasudh

Kanya Likanasudh

Email Kanya  |  Country: Thailand

Languages: English, Thai  |  Ethnicity: Chinese Thai

Recruitment Priorities: Governance, Nonviolent Communication

Brief Summary: Serving on the current board has been one of the most meaningful experiences of my life. I would shriek with joy to contribute in this way again, and continue the work that has been started in enabling a shift in CNVC from a domination paradigm to a partnership paradigm.

Full Introduction: NVC has changed my world from a life of a software engineer in Silicon Valley pursuing the next killer app to a life filled with purpose and meaning. I am forever grateful. Serving on the current board has been one of the highest honors and the most meaningful experiences of my life, because it’s thrilling to be part of transformation from the ground up. I would feel so grateful – actually, shrieking with joy – if you would allow me to serve you all in this way again and continue what has been started.

I am passionate about including voices from the Global South and committed to making NVC more relevant to address the turmoil in the world. What has lit me up working on the current board:

  • Flying at high altitudes to see what different systems are needed to move our community towards the vision and then swooping back down to the ground, to take one step at a time to implement what I saw up high.
  • Getting my hands “dirty-in-the-soil” – delving into the nuances of ideas and concepts; carefully choosing words in communication, and being in integrity with my values while holding different perspectives and mindsets in our community.
  • Working with the diversity on the Board, wrestling with challenges, collaborating on ideas, weaving in different relationships, which is a microcosm for working with diversity and increasing trust in our community.

The questions most alive for me now are:

  • How can we support those who have less access to resources to feel included and valued?
  • How can we live the values of diversity, equity and inclusion while valuing all needs on the table?

More about me: I was born in Thailand where I have been a pioneer in spreading Nonviolent Communication for many years. I lived in the United States for over 25 years and experienced the pain of being in a marginalized group. Now that I live in Thailand, I am part of the dominant group. So, I can relate to being in both worlds. This has contributed to my capacity to enable a shift in CNVC from a domination paradigm to a partnership paradigm.


4. Judy Bleil Saruhan

Judy Bleil Saruhan

Email Judy  |  Country: Turkey

Languages: English, Turkish  |  Ethnicity: Hard question... German/Irish American and Turkish

Recruitment Priorities: Governance, Nonviolent Communication

Brief Summary: I have lived in Istanbul and since 2016. I have been primarily supporting the growth and development of NVC in Turkey and sharing NVC in Turkish. I am interested in doing more in my native language, English, and to serving a wider community.

Full Introduction: My consistent reasons for wanting to serve are that I care deeply about living NVC, continuous learning, tracking progress, holding accountability and diversity with care, and supporting nonviolent social change globally. I am inspired by and want to help implement, integrate and collaborate to further develop BOTH the work that the current Board is doing AND the work that we (individually, regionally, collectively) are doing and aspire to do.

I have experience in working with and bringing together diverse and international communities for a common cause. While on the board of Istanbul International Community School and leading the Parent Teacher Association, I enjoyed being part of strategic planning, holding diverse issues/conversations with care and organizing many projects including the 100 year celebration.

As a member in the Turkish NVC community, I helped establish the Turkish NVC Association (SI-DER) and continue to be involved as a Board member, facilitator, organizer and supporter of various NVC events and development of NVC material. I love knowing about and finding meaningful and creative ways to support each other’s NVC related projects.

5. John Reel

John Reel

Email John  |  Country: Canada

Languages: English  |  Ethnicity: I’m biracial, half Indian descendant from the Sikh culture, and half white descendant from England and Ireland. However, my upbringing was separated from these cultures so I don’t identify as any ethnicity.

Recruitment Priorities: Finance and Accounting, Nonviolent Communication, Restorative Approaches, Nonprofit Organizations, Other

Hands-on Experience With: Marketing Strategy, Copywriting, Sales, IT, Software Development, Strategic Planning, Leadership, Management, Information Management, Business Plans, Pitch Writing, Research

Brief Summary: Your vote to add me to the CNVC Board will greatly accelerate CNVC’s mission. I am eager to apply my lifetime dedication to nonviolence and extensive business and marketing experience to vastly grow NVC, find new ways to support and bring value to the trainer community, and to increase membership.

Full Introduction: Living in the spirit of NVC, I’ve been an Aikido Sensei since I was 24, which introduced me to NVC. My NVC practice transformed the relationship with my parents and I had planned to train with Marshall to become a certified NVC trainer when I was 30. Trauma changed my life’s direction and NVC repair work was a big part of my recovery. Now I’m 50 and dedicated to NVC full-time. I am a Certification Candidate with Jim Manske as my Assessor and John Kinyon as my mentor, and I am drawing upon my life experiences and continual education to help heal relationships with NVC mediation.

In my business and marketing career, I founded the first web app development company, one of my companies focused on supporting nonprofits and green organizations, and another did nearly a million in sales in the first year. I have served thousands of clients through my companies, spoken at marketing conferences around North America, and have coached many startups and businesses on growth strategy.

My business success resulted from being closely connected to the communities I’ve served, communicating with them to understand their pain points and needs, collaboratively finding innovative and elegant ways to help them, and knowing how to craft and spread messages. I am privileged to have enough to sustain myself. In this next phase of my life, I am purposely committing my time and energy to be of service to the NVC community and towards spreading NVC consciousness, because I believe this is how I can have the most positive effect in the world.

I have recently joined the newly formed CNVC Fundraising Committee and am also called to join the Board of Directors to apply my skills and resources towards its mission. I see powerful untapped opportunities for CNVC to grow the body of certified trainers, support trainers in new ways, and greatly expand the awareness and consciousness of NVC. I can make a significant contribution to trainers and NVC in this role and am eager to get to work.

I’m also very interested in collaborating with Certified Trainers to find ways CNVC can provide more value and support to trainers, such as helping them increase their reach and be more successful. Perhaps this could be through arranging ethical marketing seminars, extending nonprofit discounts and bulk rates on services to members, promoting training opportunities offered by members, and finding ways to fund initiatives by members to create NVC-based social change around the world.

Other details:

  • My thousands of hours of teaching Aikido was volunteer time.
  • I envision the same energy in sharing and growing NVC.
  • I was an integral part of a nonprofit all-party attempt to bring proportional representation to Canadians.
  • I am driven by missions and have wanted to join the mission of NVC from the moment I fell in love with it, decades ago.


6. Farrah Baut-Carlier

Farrah Baut-Carlier

Email Farrah  |  Country: Luxembourg

Languages: English, French, German  |  Ethnicity: Indo-European

Recruitment Priorities: Governance, Nonviolent Communication, Other

Hands-on Experience: Current board member

Brief Summary: If I am re-elected, I will continue, together with the Board Team, the deployment of our new governance, the new Program Resource Circle and the Projects Circle. I also hope to see the different certification paths take shape. Thank you for making our global dream come through.

Full Introduction: Thank you for the many nominations that have reassured me of your trust. I am touched and it means a lot to me. If I am re-elected, I will continue, together with the Board Team, the deployment of our new governance, the different circles such as the new Program Resource Circle and the Projects Circle.

I was born in Belgium, my mom is from India and my father is European. I currently live with my husband and 3 children in Luxembourg. I value so much everything I have learned from them, including how to disagree and still stay in love with each other:-). I have been very inspired and privileged to experience NVC in action with Marshall and my experience of working with colleagues on the current diverse board has challenged me to use my skills at the next level. 

I became a Certified Trainer in 2009 and joined the francophone assessment core team in 2011.  I have enjoyed collaborating on CNVC projects (IITs, associations, certification process, board work on governance). Brief summary: Farrah, Belgo-Indian, 53. I work and live in Luxembourg with my family. Due to my cultural background, am passionate about diversity and cultures. 2003-08 served as interpreter for Marshall on IITs. CT since 2009. Joined the Francophone assessors team in 2011. Worked 20 yrs in a European banking institution, served as staff representative for 3 yrs. current board member.

Also, I hope to see the different certification paths take shape. Thanks to your support, your active participation through feedback and in the working groups, we will get there. THANK YOU.


7. Eric Huang

Eric Huang

Email Eric  |  Country: United States

Languages: English  |  Ethnicity: Chinese American

Recruitment Priorities: Finance and Accounting, Governance, Nonviolent Communication, Nonprofit Organizations

Brief Summary: As an environmental engineer, I moved into high-tech marketing where I learned global operations and teamwork. As a volunteer soccer coach, I coached thousands of kids and parents across my city. I’ve co-created NVC events. My goal: Build systems and community around choice, inclusion, interdependence, and care.

Full Introduction: I am honored and humbled to be nominated. I grew up as the only Chinese/Asian kid in my school in “not very Chinese” Minnesota, USA (99% white). In addition to English fluency, I speak enough Mandarin ( 如果我说中文,你的头会爆炸) and Spanish (zanahorias son dientes del diablo) to get into trouble. In an early effort to save the world, I earned Environmental Engineering degrees and I wrote pollution prevention plans. To find more challenges, I moved to Silicon Valley, entered high tech marketing, and learned finance and execution skills.

I’ve met and shared meals with people in many countries. After coaching my kids’ soccer teams, I volunteered for twenty seasons coaching 1000s of kids. I taught 100s of parents how to coach. I supported families to play soccer with funding, carpools and equipment. Throughout, I learned to connect across cultures and languages augmented by awkward, formal NVC.

During my CNVC IIT, I had a shift to acceptance & belonging after decades of loneliness despite measurable, external accomplishment. Inspired to become a candidate, I joined a Southern California pod of certification candidates. I’ve grown through collaborating, creating agreements, organizing events, and working through conflicts and relationship repair. I facilitate a weekly practice group and I co-created NVCDayOne, a platform for myself and candidates to teach monthly. Inspired by my communities, my personal goal is to launch pods to support future candidates. If elected, my hope is to bring my skill set to collaboratively build systems to support CNVC and our members to operate with more autonomy, interdependence, inclusivity, and sustainability.


8. Camila Reyes Azcuénaga

Camila Reyes

Email Camila  |  Country: Colombia

Languages: English, Spanish |  Ethnicity: Latina

Recruitment Priorities: Nonviolent Communication, Restorative Approaches

Brief Summary: For the last decade of my life, I have been integrating NVC consciousness, and I've seen how the skill to self-connect has increased my capacity to access my inner power to serve life, starting with the life that is in me.

Full Introduction: I would love to put this inner power in service of contributing to the following things:

  • Democratizing NVC: Keep creating strategies as a global community that democratize NVC in the world, so we as humans regain the capacity to share power to put at the center of our priorities, to protect and enjoy life.
  • Balancing power differences: I want to bring a perspective that prioritizes to include in our strategies as a global community, the importance of balancing power differences without using domination, meaning from a collaborative approach. I see this critical in a world context, were inequalities are the norm, if we want to move forward towards a vision that wants to manifest a reality where everyone needs matter, starting with the needs from the people within our own community, whose access to external resources is lower.
  • Increasing coherence and shared power through systems: I would love to contribute to the system building process that the board has started, because I trust that this effort can help us align our intentions as NVC community, with our actions. I believe that if we increased the field of coherence between us, we could have more shared power to increase our influence in the world.
  • Bringing attention to South America: I would like to bring a perspective that includes the priorities of the NVC community from this region in the decision-making process, and to be a bridge to connect this part of the planet with the rest of the global community.
  • Belonging, having structural power: I want to have the experience of belonging to our community, having structural power, since I want to transcend the habit of seeing how others made the decisions for you, especially being part of a region that has been colonized. I think this could be an inspiration from other people in South America, to step up into a leadership role, one that can have the potential to have an impact not just in their own context, but also a leadership that can contribute to people in other parts of the world. I know we have a lot to contribute to the NVC global community.
  • Reciprocity: I've been receiving so much support and trust from people in this community, that I want to share love back with the community.


9. Amal Mekouar

Amal Mekouar

Email Amal  |  Country: Morocco

Languages: English, French, Arabic  |  Ethnicity: Arabs

Minority Group: Maghreb (North Africa) and Muslims

Recruitment Priorities: Finance and Accounting, Governance, Nonviolent Communication, Nonprofit Organizations

Brief Summary: I am passionate about including voices from the Global South and committed to making Nonviolent Communication more relevant to address the turmoil in the world.

Full Introduction: GRATITUDE: I would like to start with a word of immense gratitude to our community that has voted for three Board members from the Global South, which has given me the joy to be of service of our global community for two years. I have personally experienced a lot of progress toward openness, inclusion and diversity. I would have never imagined that possible before.

ABOUT ME: I was born and raised in Morocco (North Africa), lived in France, USA and Ivory Coast. I am married to a Lebanese (Christian) and we have made a deep commitment to parent our two daughters without obedience. I got my MBA from Columbia University and worked in Finance in NYC and Casablanca. Experiencing NVC in action has resonated with a deep peace aspiration, and meeting Marshall made my change of career evident.

I am passionate about promoting social change projects in Africa, and have been involved in a large initiative for bridging the gap between Cocoa farmers and suppliers/chocolate producers in Ghana and Ivory Coast for more balanced and trustful relationships. I am committed to bringing NVC to business leaders and into business organizations through governance and cultural change, and introducing NVC in places where it is greatly needed and missing (Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Lebanon and Morocco).

Arabic is my native language and speaking French has given me access to the Francophone community and the opportunity to cooperate with many CT from France, Belgium, Switzerland and Luxembourg. I’m very inspired by the way we work together in this community. It offers me support and continued growth. I much appreciate our cooperation within Girafrica, aiming at training peace ambassadors and certifying trainers in Francophone Africa.

There is a lot I would like to celebrate about the last 2 years serving on CNVC’s Board of Directors:

  • Working collaboratively with other board members from different countries and sharing our collective wisdom and engaging from the partnership paradigm
  • Designing a full governance system allowing incremental implementation
  • Contributing more efficiency and effectiveness to CNVC
  • Making difficult decisions and holding the value of transparency
  • Appreciating every feedback received from the community and finding creative ways to incorporate it in our systems
  • A nascent sense of trust within our community that needs nurturing

After Laying out the foundations of a governance system for CNVC, I see that the current Board has succeeded in bringing shared-power and accountability, more efficiency and effectiveness, allowing CNVC to be a “normally” functioning organization. In a new mandate, I would like the Board to focus on the next ambitious phase, tied to Marshall’s vision, by growing capacity for CNVC through:

  • Looking beyond the strategy of training, towards the real-world application and development of Marshall’s vision and practice.
  • Developing CNVC’s early staged circles like the Projects Circle, the New Membership Circle and the Fundraising Circle. As an NVC practitioner, I draw a lot of inspiration from the social change projects that many of our colleagues are leading around the world. I would like that to not only be visible internally to the many NVC groups but also to the outside world. I would like to contribute to building bridges across projects around the world, and to the development of new projects. This will enable us to attract the funds necessary to grow capacity and grow to our next development stage.
  • Looking at CNVC now, its reach is mainly emanating from the core constituency of Certified Trainers, I would like to include to the many thousands of active practitioners, project leaders and ordinary people bringing this work to the complexities of daily and community life. The project Girafrica in which I am involved for French-speaking Africa is aiming at that. of a network of committed ambassadors on a global scale.
  • Identifying and including more stakeholders in CNVC.

I would like to consult the community to deal with fundamental questions around “What is NVC” that, as a Board we have not addressed yet, including:

  1. How do we care for Marshall’s legacy
  2. How to support Marshall active and living spirit of curiosity and research
  3. How to acknowledge the work and areas of developments that other have continued inspired by Marshall (Restorative Circles developed by Dominic Barter)

Towards more diversity, equity and inclusion: We have started focusing on DIE but we have not yet introduced in CNVC’s systems ways to increase access for “underrepresented” groups, making NVC more approachable for marginalized communities, expanding NVC to support systemic change, and in Asia, Africa, and other “underrepresented” regions.

What do I bring: I will share what one of my colleagues on the Board has said about my contribution “ I have seen Amal hold the bigger picture, and speak about it in ways that makes sense to me. She is leading with the heart based on the beauty of the needs. She is holding a lot of the accumulated learnings we have harvest in the present board, and that is not yet integrated in our systems.” I would like to contribute focus more on “the bigger picture”, and to tap into the richness, expertise and willingness to contribute to our large community.


10. Allan Rohlfs

Allan Rohlfs

Email Allan  |  Country: United States

Language: English  |  Ethnicity: European American

Recruitment Priorities: Nonviolent Communication, Other

Hands-on experience: Mediation and conflict resolution

Brief Summary: I took my first workshop with Marshall in 1973 and signed the CNVC articles of incorporation in 1984, the only signer still involved in NVC. I bring the entire length of history of NVC and CNVC to all the work of the Board. I've just written a book on empathic listening.

Full Introduction: Acknowledging the present Board’s work, I’m running for the Board because of what they said they would do, but did not. We have a not widely acknowledged divide about what we present as NVC. Attending to this division, using the process we teach to everyone coming to our trainings, in order to resolve this divide is the priority for CNVC. All other work is superfluous because the Board itself is comprised of CTs all of whom are parties to the conflict.

The atmosphere among Assessors is so toxic that some Assessors no longer attend meetings, Those people whom we (CTs) trust to certify new trainers have not themselves attended to this conflict. Some candidates for certification ask Assessors whether they believe “privilege” is an observation because they only want to work with an Assessor who believes this.

Main proponents for including "privilege" into NVC or as a part of NVC have declined to participate in discussions with those disagreeing. How can we have integrity presenting NVC when this conflict amongst us is unattended to? It was only after Marshall’s passing in that the concept of privilege was introduced into the whole trainer network in 2015 via our listserv. This, for me, instantly changed what I received as NVC from Marshall 50 years ago. Much writing immediately followed arguing this, and then stopped. Finally Myra Walden acknowledged this conflict recently on our Global Network.

Maria Arpa as E.D. saw resolution of this as critical to CNVC’s survival. She organized two conversations hoping to address this. However principal proponents of this language/thinking though invited declined to participate. Important to me is not that I find this privilege diagnosis incompatible with what I received from Marshall, nor that this language/thinking has now introduced a political left position into NVC thereby changing NVC/CNVC into a political movement, nor that a body of CTs agree with me while others do not, rather that CTs and the Board have not attended to this divide.

We teach and preach a way to achieve peace when we do not have peace among ourselves. And at some point I fear CNVC will be branded as a left political movement and/or be viewed as hypocrisy—“If this thing is so good, why can’t you all resolve your own conflict?” Truly this baffles me! Is it that we teach it but do not have confidence we can actually do it? Or we don’t really trust that honesty and empathy will be life giving? Or that since we know honesty and empathy changes each person involved we fear we’ll have to give up our position?

We believe honesty/empathy itself creates something new and serves life. I hope we’re in agreement on this. What we need are procedures created and mandated by the Board to begin this process amongst us, so that we can continue disseminating what we all deeply personally value with integrity and also with confidence that we are in fact a united community. That’s what I’ll work tirelessly for.

11. Harriet Slive (will not be part of election -- see below)

Harriet Slive

Email Harriet 

Country: United States

Languages: English 

Ethnicity: I am not clear what this means? What is in my bones is my grandmother who fled progroms in Odessa, Ukraine at age 16.

Recruitment Priorities: Fundraising, Governance, Nonviolent Communication, Nonprofit Organizations

Brief Summary: Upbeat, open to learning, community builder, committed to NVC for 30+ years. 10 years Administrative Director of a US non-profit, 35-year law practice, currently in various roles on 5 non-profit boards.

Full Introduction: I wholeheartedly support the growth of the board in actualizing the CNVC mission. Prior commitments prevent me from completely filling this role. I would very much like to contribute to CNVC development and stability in another role that might be useful, and hope to be invited to join or build a brainstorming/advising/supporting board.

I am particularly interested in the voices of non-certified practitioners and in building NVC capacity where access is limited.

UPDATE 19-May-2022: This candidate is no longer part of the election.

Initially, Harriet accepted her nomination and was open to being elected. However, upon reflection, she decided that she would not like to serve on the CNVC Board at this time, and therefore is not part of this Election Survey. In Harriet's words, here is the reason for her decision:

"The Board has taken on a new visioning of the CNVC structure intended to be more empowering and inclusive of the Members. The current Board made a great investment of time and care to reach this place, and the job is not complete. For the next couple of years, to bring this vision to fruition, the more that Board Members are available, the quicker this will become a structural reality. And the sooner this welcome growth is in place, the sooner the board can/will hopefully turn its attention to making CNVC a global home for all non-CT practitioners and learners as well. To this end, I am deferring with gratitude to people who can make a greater weekly time investment than I currently can."