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A Meeting Agenda for Heart Informed Efficiency

For the last three months the CNVC staff has been meeting weekly using this agenda that has supported us profoundly. For over a year we had not been meeting as a group, in large part because the meetings we had had previously were not productive or enjoyable and took more hours than any of us enjoyed. Remembering the joy that I had experienced with the coordinating team of Northwest Compassionate Communication, I strived to recreate the elements that supported that joy and accomplishment. The results have been a profound increase in our mutual trust, understanding, and our experience of meaning, belonging and confidence. We would love to share this with you.

Interesting numbers about the NVC community

The other day I got a request from someone who was looking for some stats on NVC for a social media campaign. Others have asked me for such information as well, so, here is what I came up with.

  • We average about 30,000 unique visitors a month to our web site.
  • There are 296 Certified Trainers training in 77 different countries.
  • We have over 26,700 accounts on our web site, with another 6,000 different people on a mailing list.
  • Of the 26,700 accounts, 5200 of those have chosen to be listed as an NVC supporter and 8300 are have told us who they are and what they are interested in about NVC.
  • We added 6560 people who have done business with us in Quickbooks, but were not in either of the other lists.
  • From these three sources we know about, and can reach by e-mail almost 40,000 people interested in NVC.

Feedback on Upgraded Web Site.

Here is a place to leave feedback on any aspect of the web site that is not specific to a page. If you have feedback about a page, please leave a comment on that page, so all the feedback on a single page will be in one place.

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