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Influenced by the World

As I am packing my stuff for Japan and Korea, where I fly tomorrow to co-lead several trainings, I became aware that in the last couple of years I delivered trainings and workshops in “foreign” countries like Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Israel/Palestine, Italy, Myanmar, Norway, Portugal, Romania, USA … And I am noticing this is not a regular travelling experience of seeing different places, engaging with different cultures and being inspired by the wonders of the World (which I like so much).

What Would You Do If All The World Was With You?

I believe in powerful question being way more important than smart answers. Because they open up new dimensions, new possibilities in uncharted territories. I consider the one in the title (I am grateful for it to dear Mary-Alice Arthur) as a very powerful question, for me at least, because I can so easily get stuck in the dreamland: “Well, I would do this and that, but I don’t have the necessary support, and perhaps this terrible thing could happen, and I would lose my basic safety…”

When Life Realignes

I had a vision in my early teenage years that the way for me to spend my life in the most meaningful way would be to dare to strip naked and enter the world holding nothing back, expressing my true nature to the fullest, in a sheer authenticity. This vision has been with me throughout my life since, and I am, year after year, making steps toward this courageous authenticity. Something I have been sharing about in my second TEDx talk.

Head-Banging, Personal Growth and Stripping Naked

When the organizers of the TEDx event on Kredarica (just below the peak of Triglav, the tallest mountain in Slovenia) invited me to come to a meeting and share with them my experience from my TEDx JenaParadies talk, and also perhaps consider doing another talk, I had total clarity in my head: »I will come and happily share  my experience, and I will most definitely NOT do another TEDx talk. I just don’t need that stress in my life.”

Yet at the meeting I, to my sheer horror, actually heard my mouth say: “Yes, OK, I will do it…”

The Magic Of Long Retreats

Although leading workshops and trainings has been my way of living for a quarter of a century (nooo, can’t be, I am not that old) and I lead on average three full training days per week, the European Intensive Course in Nonviolent Communication, on which I am one of the 6 trainers, holds a very special place in my heart and I look forward to it for many months in advance. I believe it is so because with the 9-day span, its format and six trainers present, it meets so many of my longings for certain qualities.

A new NVC baby born out of passion and a dream

In the same way I believe all the meaningful things in life begin, also this project started with passion and a dream.

A passion for enabling the connection between two individuals who have lost it along the way of their relationship. A passion for supporting them to find a way to really hear each other, while honestly speaking their hearts. A passion to support relationships in which everybody’s needs matter and in which struggle gets replaced by joy, fun, inspiration and creation.

How TED influenced my blood pressure

It seemed like a jolly idea to respond to the invitation of The Melton Foundation and to come over to Germany to speak at their TEDx event on Global Citizenship. I felt flattered to soon be in the company of all the wise and smart and inspiring TED people, and life was easy.

Until I, on the afternoon of the D-day, entered the hall for a sound test a couple of hours before and the blood in my veins froze at the sight of  THAT stage in front of me, you know, the TED dark stage with the red TED… letters, and all the lights and huge cameras around…

The Ultimate Self-Supporting Question

It is often difficult to find a balanced approach to ourselves, especially between forcing ourselves to do what we think we should be doing in order to be the way we think we should be (like efficient, slim, fit, successful…) on the one side, and between just letting go and simply follow the momentary pleasure, basically turning into a couch potato or something alike.

In the first instance we try to squeeze the life in us so that it would fit some mental images we hold as very important, in the latter we seem to be just giving up on the magic of life, letting it fly past our eyes.

Celebrating the essence of the 2012

In the last evening of the 2012, while our kids were at various parties with their friends, me and my wife were sitting in our living room, watching some inspiring TED talks, and then moved into exploring what we personally celebrate about 2012. Along the way we were trying to notice what new qualities of existence were starting to emerging in this year, the ones that we wanted to support to fully embody in the 2013.

Redefining losers

On a training I lead this week a man spoke up and said that he feels a loser when he fails to meet his own expectations – being aware that these expectations are in large shaped by his surrounding, society… So he is trapped in the paradigm of: “I should be good, I should be brave, I should be a winner, I should be successful, I should make money, I should have a great career, I should have a great body, I should have a great apartment, I should have a great car, I should have a great wife and a great family, I should be cool…”

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