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Concentric Circles of Belonging

Concentric CirclesI just finished a memo to the Training Team asking for some copy to put on a new page that will go on our Learn NVC section introducing CNVC Certified Trainers in which I wrote up some of my thoughts about the purpose and function of our web site that I want to share with you.

It is about creating Concentric Circles of Connection. Robert Gonzalez who is the President of our Board of Directors used that phrase to describe his vision of CNVC at the in person Board of Directors meeting in New Mexico last week.

It is an image I like very much. The way i see Concentric Circles of Connection overcomes mankind's historical inability to express belonging without expressing who does not belong.

This requires one circle of belonging that includes everyone.

NVC Community Online Store - Pan's musings...An informal discussion...

I got this feedback the other day from our first user of the new feedback forms. And it got me thinking...

"Why doesn't CNVC have a shopping cart? I order a hundred books a year, and I end up using because you don't have a shopping cart. With all the improvements, why not? I've been told that hidden somewhere I haven't found, in the middle of some page is a link to Puddle Press and they have a shopping cart, but when I use your web site, I'm supposed to call and write a check and mail it? Nope."

I liked that feedback, in part because I have proposed that very thing. The book store coordinator likes the idea. And the idea is being given serious consideration.

Already the sale of materials on the site, which is done by phone, is an important part of the income we get from activity other than Marshall. We could make it more fun for everybody with a up to date shopping cart.

Starting new position as IT Coordinator for CNVC

I am delighted to be at the end of my first week in a new job. I have taken the position held by William and spending a lot of time getting to know my way around.

This is the job of my dreams as it combines my 20 years in IT and my 10 years of NVC involvement. You can see my IT resume below.

There is a lot going on with this organization and movement and i hope to serve it well as the IT Coordinator.



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