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Compasionate Anarchism

Compassionate anarchy is a newly emerging revolutionary tendency, and a mode of relating that goes back to the dawn of humanity. Compassionate anarchy is a practice that can be incredibly hard to learn and keep, while at the same time, some of the most enjoyable moments of our lives have been when we have practiced it.

Compassion is what keeps anarchy from degenerating into violent chaos and individual autonomy from resulting in disrespect and disregard for others. Anarchy is what keeps our compassion from becoming a hollow shell of the real thing - it's what keeps our love for others from becoming a commodity that is sold back to us or a ploy to make us acquiescent to the dictates of authority. Compassionate anarchy is about finding and appreciating the genuine soul in human beings and keeping it free from all authority, submission, moralism, and static roles.

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