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My Ebook is Free Until Jan 22, and My Print Book is on Sale

My Ebook is free until January 22. My print book is on sale for $9.99. Find both here.

A year ago, after three years of writing and editing, I finished my book and launched it into the world. For various reasons, it was extremely difficult for me to finish my book. Near the end, it seemed as though everything that could go wrong did. I was very relieved when it was all finished. I celebrated, I did some book promotion, and then I took a break from my book for several months.

My break is over and my book is ready for another lift off. The feedback from those who have read it has made my heart dance with joy. People email me just to tell me how much they appreciate it, and I almost cry from knowing that it was all worth it (OK, sometimes I actually do cry).

Over my three years of writing my book, I never thought I would give it away for free. Even when I did book-promotion research and learned that giving away your Ebook can be a good way to boost your Amazon exposure, I didn't think I would give it away for free. I had worked way too hard on my book to simply give it away.

But now I have a Gofundme Campaign for my healing journey and people are freely giving to me. So I want to freely give as well. And, who knows, maybe my book will get more exposure because of it. For those of you who want a hard copy for yourself or as a gift for that person who is hard for you to get along with, I've reduced the price of my print book to $9.99. Find both here. If you already have my book but feel inspired to help it reach more people, please download the Ebook by January 22.


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