A Growing NVC Community in South Korea

In 2003, when NVC was just beginning in South Korea, certified trainer Katherine Singer would meet with people in coffee shops or each others' homes and offices. Since then we have been enjoying tremendous interest in NVC and strong growth as an NVC community here in Korea. Out of this growth, and with a passion for sharing NVC with wider groups on a steady basis, Katherine founded the Korean Center for Nonviolent Communication in 2006, with the help and support of those who wished to have a place to gather for learning and sharing NVC.

Our center is a two story home with a full-basement and garage converted into offices and seminar rooms, providing a cozy and friendly environment for study and reflection. We support our regional community by making NVC educational materials available, coordinating practice groups, and offering trainings in Korean and in English. We offer trainings at our center where we can accommodate up to as many as 40 people at any one time. We also go out to offer customized programs for those who work for the public sector, government agencies, schools, and corporations, such as Sam Sung Electronics, and NGO groups.


By Seunghee Han, Korean Center for Nonviolent Communication, www.krnvc.org

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