Candidates for Assessors Coordinating Circle 2022

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The following 8 people are candidates for 7 spots up for election in the first election of the Assessors Coordinating Circle (ACC) (listed in alphabetical order by first name).

1. Agnieszka (Aga) Rzewuska-Paca

Agnieszka Rzewuska-Paca

Country: Poland ~ Email Agnieszka

Agnieszka's Statement:

I’ve been involved with the Assessor Task Force for one year and I enjoyed the possibility to contribute in meaningful ways to the community – the assessors, trainers and trainers to be. For example, I was part of the team bringing the ‘sex and intimacy in NVC trainings’ document through the feedback and decision making process to be a working guideline for everyone.

I will bring my contribution in regardless whether I am part of ACC or not, and I was actually contemplating my yes for several days, wary of a sense of duty being stimulated in me when I am part of any formal structures. Yet, I decided to step in, intending to co-create a life-serving structure and remember to have fun, while bringing in whatever is needed :-)

I will find it meaningful to:

  • develop something that feels important to me and to the community
  • support clarity and safety around the certification process and trainings
  • look at systemic issues within our community, including where and how we offer trainings
  • inquire into how we understand and act on our role as assessors
  • work on the financial sustainability of the assessors and A-in-T

I am excited about the possibility to collaborate with experienced colleagues from around the world, and the emergent qualities that such collaboration brings. I am passionate, clear and structured. I have a knack for seeing what is needed in a particular situation and then bring it in. I enjoy sensing into situations and issues, looking deeply at the interplay of the personal, the interpersonal and the systemic. I offer strong presence and a big heart.

My challenge is my fluctuating energy level, which makes me alternate between being very engaged and then almost disappearing. I am practicing evaluating my capacities and communicating what I can or cannot commit to. I’ve been a certified NVC trainer for the past 8 years, working full-time offering workshops, train-the-trainer, kindergarten teachers’ mentoring and supervision, and individual sessions in Poland where I live, and abroad. I have been an Assessor in Training with Sabine Geiger and the India/Asia team for the past 2,5 years.

Nominated by:

  • Gina Lawrie: I have worked with Aga on the Task Force. I admire her desire to follow through, her willingness to take on tasks and her honesty when she does not have the resources to do something. My opinion is that she thinks deeply about things and is not afraid to share her 'truth'. She also has well developed communication skills and a grounded presence which will be of huge value in the ACC. I'm nominating her also because I think it is important to have continuity between Task Force and ACC and as an A-in-T, she has a fresh view on many things.
  • Irmtraud Kauschat: I experienced Aga in the assessor task force as focused, empathic, bringing in different aspects of a topic that enhanced my understanding of certain situations (especially in creating answers to emails). I appreciate her honesty (I would call it honesty), e.g. letting us know when she was overwhelmed with other work, so we could organize our work around this.

  • Valérie Lanctôt-Bédard: I've been working with Aga on the Task Force and truly enjoy her perspectives, her fresh energy and her enthusiasm.

  • Kathleen Macferran: Aga's awareness of and engagement in systemic issues that affect all of us. I appreciate her clarity and care.

  • Susanna Warren: I've worked with Aga over the past couple of years on the Sex and Intimacy document and on the Assessor task force. I've enjoyed so, so many qualities of presence, creative ideas and communication and an incredible heart of compassion.

  • Angela Walkley: I had a short overlap with Aga on the Task Force before I left it (due to illness). I enjoyed her enthusiasm, her ability to creatively problem solve and her attention to community engagement/feedback.

  • Jim Manske: I enjoy Aga's enthusiasm and that she brings a "newer" "younger" voice. I like the continuity she would bring. She also seems great to me at making requests and collaborating!

2. Amal Mekouar

Amal Mekouar

Country: Morocco ~ Email Amal

Amal's Statement:

I want to help steward the legacy of Marshall’s teachings of NVC in the African continent. It is crucial to me to preserve the integrity of NVC while contributing to spread it in Africa where it is greatly needed. In the ACC, I hope to bring more intercultural awareness, and to integrate the many different realities of people in this part of the world in the certification processes.

In addition, I can cross-pollinate the processes happening in some regions of the world with other regions to support learning and efficiency. As a member of A-Certif, I have been part of its recent evolutions and would very much like to create bridges with other NVC Certification entities. It will allow us to take best practices from all regions to develop processes and guidelines to support efficiency of the work of Assessors.

Also, I can offer continuity in one of CNVC governance bodies. In serving on the CNVC Board, I have contributed to shape its Governance entities and processes. In this role, I hope to continue developing and implementing coherent processes between ACC and other CNVC governing bodies.

Finally, I would support moving from small, intimate groups to a global, networked organization. As a growing organization and considering the « size » of our dream, I would support the ACC transitioning from working in small, tightly-knit, intimate groups to working in a loose network of people from diverse cultures and backgrounds to serve our mission and to contribute and impact in the world at the level that we want. 

Nominated by:

  • Laurence Bruschweiler: She is in training in the French speaking organisation A-CERTIF. She would like to be an Assessor for Africa with Anne Bourrit. Her integrity in handling disagreeing perspectives.
  • Anne Bourrit: She is training with our team to become an assessor and her acute clarity will be of great service to CNVC for the certification of people on the African continent where she lives.

3. Jalila Susini-Henchiri

Jalila Susini-Henchiri

Country: Switzerland ~ Email Jalila

Jalila's Statement:

I am part of the French-speaking “Girafrica” group where we are working to implement a way to assess future NVC Trainers and NVC social transformation actors in Africa. Serving on the ACC would be a great way for me to contribute.

I come from Tunisia (North Africa), where I lived for more than 20 years, and have lived in Europe for 35 years. As an African living in Europe, I am experienced in both cultures, I can be a kind of bridge. I had the privilege to receive a lot, and I would like to share all what I have received (training, consciousness).

Nominated by:

  • Laure Galvez: I appreciate Jalila for her involvement with Girafrica in supporting the development of NVC training for trainers in Africa, and for her honest feedback.
  • Laurence Bruschweiler: Jalila comes from Tunisia and lives in Switzerland. She has been trained in particularly by Anne Bourrit and leads many international trainings in Africa with her. She has been attending many evaluation session with Vinciane and Laurence and would like to be assessor for Africa.

  • Anne Bourrit: Jalila and I have cooperated for years, she is trained as an assessor today and I trust her constant attention to walking her talk, as well as her clarity and sincerity.

4. Jim Manske

Jim Manske

Country: United States ~ Email Jim

Jim's Statement:

I'm deeply touched by being nominated to serve on the ACC. I’m willing to serve because I care deeply about our mission and I enjoy supporting folks on their journey to become Certified Trainers and Assessors. I dream of an abundance of skilled trainers who have deeply integrated NVC and love to live a life devoted to Making Life Wonderful.

I imagine the same needs being met with this role as with my roles as assessor and trainer. I enjoy hanging out with members of our Educational Services Team and have deepened relationships and friendships. So, I expect that the role will be meaningful to me by contributing to serving our mission, as well as fun, creativity, and connection.

The skills I bring include almost 20 years as an active certified trainer and organizer of about ten IITs and Special Sessions for Marshall. I’ve been a facilitator and mediator for even longer, since 1993. I co-founded the Global Community Circle. I also enjoy experimenting with new ways of doing things, including being a pioneer in NVC remote learning since 2006 as well as co-creating Compassionate Leadership and co-authoring the Pathways to Liberation: Matrix of Self-Assessment.

For the last few years I've been guiding a peer-led community-based path to becoming a certified trainer. I'm currently supporting learning and integration pods throughout Asia, Oceania, and North America.

Nominated by:

  • Agnieszka Rzewuska-Paca: I love the freshness, energy and spirit that Jim brings. I believe that with him onboard there will be a positive momentum for our organization, including taking into consideration the voice of the community / candidates, also from Asia, with whom Jim is in continuous contact.
  • Gerardo Sánchez: His skill, commitment, empathy and long time experience in the history in NVC and CNVC.

  • Gina Lawrie: Jim has offered his support to the Task Force on several issues. I admire the amount of time and effort he is willing to contribute and love his passion for our work. Jim has taken innovative approaches to being an Assessor and exploring ways to manage that across the vast distances. There is lots we can all learn from him and I would like to see him serve on the ACC to bring his ideas and leadership.

  • Stephanie Bachmann Mattei: I fully trust his unwavering dedication to serving candidates.

  • Sylvie Hörning: I thoroughly enjoy what I experience as Jim's commitment and his willingness to dive into different cultures and to come up with ideas and pods and tools he shares with generosity so that the certification process becomes available to as many interested people as possible.

  • Susanna Warren: Jim has been an incredible resource for the Assessor Task Force and has been so generous with his time and thoughtful responses to our requests. I experience Jim as having a deep care for CNVC and the Assessor community and is willing to contribute his life energy towards building a thriving organization and Assessor community. In addition, there is a depth and breadth of history and experience that Jim brings to collaboration and he is just plain fun and enjoyable to work with.

  • Angela Walkley: I have greatly enjoyed the energy and innovation that Jim brings to the assessment community. He often thinks outside the box in ways that get to the needs at hand. I believe this is what is needed to increase our integrity and efficiency in supporting people to become trainers. I find Jim to be warm and light hearted in his approach and I think this is lovely to have on a team. Jim has modeled what it looks like to create models and workable outputs that support assessment - I think this kind of thinking would be considerably valuable to the team.

  • Sudha Shankar: For his commitment in bringing together with reassuring regularity the Assessor and Assessor-in-Training community across the globe; his proactiveness in keeping the community engaged; for his willingness to shepherd new trainers, candidates and share his experiences and understanding; and for what comes across to me as a deep longing to see CNVC flourish as an organization upholding the values of nonviolence, interdependence and compassion very dear.

5. Sabine Geiger

Sabine Geiger

Country: Germany ~ Email Sabine

Sabine's Statement:

I have been on the Assessors Task Force from the outset, and I have truly enjoyed the way we work together. We have been efficient and effective, while experiencing a sense of freedom and voluntary contribution. Also, we have had a lot of fun together.
Some skills that I bring include an understanding of the structures and processes in our assessor community, including 2.5 years of experience in working within the Task Force. Also, a joy for contributing, moving things along, creative solutions and for thinking outside the box.

Nominated by:

  • Agnieszka Rzewuska-Paca: Sabine brings the knowledge and understanding of the structures and processes within the assessors' community, including the work of the Task Force from the very beginning. I would like her voice and wisdom within the ACC, as well as to have a continuity between the Task Force and the ACC.
  • Valérie Lanctôt-Bédard: I've been working with Sabine on the Task Force and truly enjoy her calm, her perspectives, her depth and her steadfastness.
  • Susanna Warren: I've worked with Sabine on the Assessor Task Force and on other NVC projects. Sabine brings experience, creativity and enthusiasm for moving topics and initiatives forward. She contributes to a positive vibe on the team.

6. Stephanie Bachmann Mattei

Stephanie Bachmann Mattei

Country: United States ~ Email Stephanie

Stephanie's Statement:

I dream of a CNVC organization and a community of assessors that value our global connectedness and our differences, and that are intentional and proactive in addressing the challenges of our organization that, in my view, mirror the challenges of our world. I dream of structures and practices that foster accountability and a life-giving use of power. The more dialogue, transparency and openness to feedback around impact we bring to our decision-making and operating processes, the more I trust we embody together a paradigm of partnership. This dream is so vital for me that I have a complete "yes" in me about contributing what I have to that vision.

I thrive on sharing my life energy in collaboration with others to benefit the community. For example, a few years ago the assessors' community received feedback from some Assessors-in Training and CTs who did not have clarity about the process to become an assessor. Together with three other assessors I chose to serve on a working group that drafted the Assessors in Training Process and Criteria (sort of a CPP for Assessors in Training). In the last 2-3 years I served on the Assessors' Task Force and have thoroughly enjoyed the sense of partnership with the other assessors who served in that group.

I offer my integrity. Sometimes that is all I have to ground myself in and to offer. Some of the consistent feedback I have received over the years is around: strong organizational and tracking skills; ability to take a step back, see a situation from different angles and offer a fresh perspective; clarity and conciseness; warmth and honesty; joyful energy; capacity to integrate needs and feedback into something that works for everyone.

Nominated by:

  • Agnieszka Rzewuska-Paca: Stephanie has been an active and supportive member of the Task Force and I believe her presence and engagement would benefit the ACC.

  • Gina Lawrie: I have been on the Task Force with Stephanie from the start and she has been a huge asset. She brings a wide perspective, often being the person able to take a step back and see a situation from all sides. I also rely on Stephanie to be able to find documents and remember what we decided before - the ACC will need this! I love her warmth and her honesty. She is working as an assessor in 2 continents and that is a rare perspective and valuable potential for connection.

  • Stephanie Bachmann Mattei: I have had the honor to serve on the Task Force and would be willing to consider continuing to serve.

  • Susanna Warren: I've worked with Stephanie on the Assessor Task Force, on NVC projects, and met with her frequently over the last couple of years. Stephanie has a skillful way of bringing to light important perspectives on a subject, especially areas of equity. She brings a joyful energy to collaboration.

  • Susanne Kraft: I treasure her heart in combination with clarity. Relying on her makes me feel relax.

7. Susanna Warren

Susanna Warren

Country: United States ~ Email Susanna

Susanna's Statement:

I'm Susanna Warren and I’m willing to serve on the ACC because I treasure the Assessor/AiT community and believe our community is a vital organ in the body of CNVC which helps fulfill our mission. It’s meaningful for me to bring the deepest embodiment of connection to the ACC by radiating love and warmth throughout our community.

My hope is to foster connections within our community, invite engagement (especially from those voices less likely to be heard), and move towards aligning ourselves with processes and agreements that will support the certification process for both A/AiT and candidates.

Nominated by:

  • Gina Lawrie: Since agreeing to join the Assessor Task Force, Susanna has been influential in our thinking about our internal processes. I admire her willingness to challenge the status quo. She has made a huge contribution to the formal meetings of the assessor community that I'm grateful for. I love her passion and consider that she will bring that and the energy accompanying it and some continuity to the ACC.
  • Agnieszka Rzewuska-Paca: Susanna is engaged and proactive, and has been very supportive in making us function as an organization - supporting meetings' facilitation, initiating and holding important projects and more. She has also been involved with the Task Force over the last year and would provide a sense of continuity.
  • Stephanie Bachmann Mattei: I had the pleasure to serve on the Task Force with Susanna and I witnessed her approaching challenging conversations with compassion, honesty and courage.
  • Vivet Alevi: I experience Susanna as being engaged.
  • Angela Walkley: Susanna has a strong sense of what is going on with the Assessor community as she has been facilitating calls frequently over the last several years. I enjoy the way she speaks to our community wide issues and also brings her own needs forward when something is alive for her.
  • Jim Manske: I enjoy that Susanna walks toward conflict, reaches out for support, brings fresh ideas, and seems open to outcome!

8. Valérie Lanctôt-Bédard

Valérie Lanctôt-Bédard

Country: Canada ~ Email Valérie

Valérie's Statement:

I have been acting as assessor for over 10 years now, in and out of assessor teams. I have enjoyed bringing both thoroughness and flexibility to the process, constantly wondering and asking how others do it, aiming at serving both the integrity of NVC and the wholeness and development of candidates - while preserving our energies.

What’s more, in attending assessor meetings over the years, I’ve wondered over and over again how to harness the engagement and innovations presented by many into new decisions that could orient the whole of the process, globally. I long to see and contribute to empowerment and service for the expansion of assessor capacity in the world and so to the spread of high quality NVC into the hearts and skills of more and more humans who will delight in serving Life.

Nominated by:

  • Shona Cameron: Huge respect for Valérie's honesty and holding Nonviolent Communication as powerfully as she does. Drives things forward!

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