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General Public (Including Certified Trainers and Certification Candidates)
A. Approximately how many training days did you have this year?: 
B. Briefly list the groups and organizations you worked with this year as a trainer.: 
Three Jewels Centre, Bodhgaya, India Life Long Learning Foundation, Kochi Indian NVC Convention teams Asian Assessors team Empathy Quad (Delhi) NVC Practice group, Siliguri, India Bristol Practice Group, UK NVC West community Portsmouth, NH practice group, (USA) Aryaloka Buddhist Center, NH (USA) English-speaking European Assessors team IIT at Bad Bederkesa, near Hamburg, Germany. High Heathercombe permaculture centre, Devon, UK. Relaxation Centre, Bristol, UK NVC Summerfest, UK Rainbow Mill Summer Camp, Norfolk, UK Yoga Teacher Trainees, Geneva, Switzerland Pro Public (Nepal) ZFD (Germany)
C. Approximately how many people did you offer NVC training to this year?: 
D. What are you celebrating about your training experiences this year? What was significant for you? What touched your heart?: 
Celebrating sharing NVC in new contexts: - teaching on my first IIT in Germany - learning more about becoming an Assessor - leading a 'Healing and Reconciliation' event in Nepal for people who have suffered during the civil war.
E. Would you share some difficult experiences you had while training this year and how you handled them?: 
The challenge of working with 'war-traumatized' people in Nepal. I handled it by putting together a trainers team that had the experience and presence to support themselves and me. The cold in Nepal - it was December. I handled it by wearing thermals and having a hot water bottle in my bed at night.
F. How do you teach the spiritual basis of Nonviolent Communication in your workshops and training programs? : 
I invite everyone to relate what we're doing to our deepest longings and aspirations. I say that the purpose of NVC is compassionate connection - the quality of connection that leads to everyone's needs being valued and addressed. Not just my needs, not just other people's needs, everybody's needs. We focus on the quality of connection that leads to greater welfare for everyone.
G. Please describe your social change goals...: 
Institutions worldwide based on valuing and addressing needs.
J. Please describe your efforts to create, or join, an NVC circle or organization.: 
I'm working as an Assessor-in-training with Katherine Singer as part of the Asian Assessors team. I administer the local NVC West Diary, pooling publicity among local Bristol trainers. I organise and lead 3-4 NVC West Days a year. I support the NVC community in India by coordinating the trainers team, sharing on the convention and offering other trainings.
M. If you found opportunities to work with other trainers this year,┬áplease share the most meaningful experiences for you.: 
See above.

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