Anne Walton

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General Public (Including Certified Trainers and Certification Candidates)
A. Approximately how many training days did you have this year?: 
B. Briefly list the groups and organizations you worked with this year as a trainer.: 
Yoga center, Santa Barbara City College Adult Ed, Calgary Public Library, Retreat Centers, Child Development Resources Ventura County, City of Cochrane Alberta, Churches.
C. Approximately how many people did you offer NVC training to this year?: 
D. What are you celebrating about your training experiences this year? What was significant for you? What touched your heart?: 
What is significant this year is how much more comfortable and confident I feel in sharing NVC, I'm more able to be present with others. I like that I'm having more fun and that participants comment on the lively humorous qualities I bring to the sessions. What touched my heart includes: Hearing from participants about how meaningful NVC is in their life, what a difference it makes to their relationships and their healing. Being in empathic presence with another, that is so touching and meaningful for me!
E. Would you share some difficult experiences you had while training this year and how you handled them?: 
Generally, one of the situations that's challenging for me is when participants ask a lot of questions and I notice myself feeling irritated! Sometimes I'm able to listen to the person/reflect back what their needs are, sometimes not!! This is an ongoing journey for me of being able to be present with myself and others.
F. How do you teach the spiritual basis of Nonviolent Communication in your workshops and training programs? : 
One of the aspects of NVC which perplexed me for numerous years was how to share about needs - "just what are needs?' I'd wonder. Since learning a little about Neuroscience, I'm delighted to discover that the Neuroscientists are confirming what Marshall spoke about- that our essential nature is compassion - that we Human Beings are wired for belonging, connection and empathy. AH HA, it now seems clear to me this is what needs are - the expression of this yearning to belong and to be in empathic connection connection with one another! This is how i now begin my workshops - speaking about our nature as Human Beings
G. Please describe your social change goals...: 
I would love to live in a world where all of us have the resources to live life as fully as we'd enjoy - my primary way to more toward this is doing my own inner work and sending love to anyone who's trying to meet their needs by harming another human being - at times i'm more able to do this than at others.
K. Summarize participants’ evaluations, and how their feedback resulted in new learning or growth for you this past year.: 
Most often I hear that participants enjoy my sense of humour, my authenticity and my playful nature; this is so validating for me to hear and inspires me to be myself even more!
L. What are your current growing edges or challenges as a trainer that you will be working on in the future?: 
As i mentioned above, being able to hear participants when I'm not feeling as resourceful as i'd like/when i'm getting irritated.
M. If you found opportunities to work with other trainers this year, please share the most meaningful experiences for you.: 
What i discovered in this area was that i really enjoy training by myself! For the past 5 years or so, I've partnered with another trainer to a large extent. Now I notice how much I love being able to go with my own instinct/impulse/inner guidance - this is so meaningful to me - going with my own inner flow!

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