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A. Approximately how many training days did you have this year?: 
B. Briefly list the groups and organizations you worked with this year as a trainer.: 
The Dutch People University in the city of Utrecht (Centre of Holland), ProRail (Dutch company that builds and expands all railway tracks in The Netherlands), a Kindergarden company (The Fantasy house), CSMART (in-company: training for people that train officers and captains on sea cruisers!).
C. Approximately how many people did you offer NVC training to this year?: 
D. What are you celebrating about your training experiences this year? What was significant for you? What touched your heart?: 
I celebrate the ease in which I am present during trainings. I am so grounded in NVC that I live what I teach, I walk my talk. I celebrate my open attitude and honesty, sharing where I come from, the psychiatric history and how NVC changed my life… how I am healed by applying NVC to my own situation time after time. This open sharing in groups, right in the beginning, creates safety and trust from the start. This way participants feel free to be open too and this creates inclusion, togetherness, belonging and safety. This way, when the group is a group, an enormous learning curve is fascilitated, accelerated learning happens as in a flow. I feel very grateful for this 'power of vulnerability'. Touching my heart I tell participants to call me if situations start to be tough, because NVC can touch and move so much in their lives... One woman, always a bit silent, opened up after 8 mornings. She told me about a difficult situation with her 21 year old son, at the end of a morning course. I invited her to have a coffee and walk together thought the woods on a saturday. She came, we talked and had some 'try out' conversations with her son (me 'playing' her son and the other way around).
Later she sent me an e-mail, that moved me to tears, I mean I burst out crying. Grateful I pray to the Buddha's and Gods every day; "Please grant me your blessings, bless me with your power, wisdom and compassion to support all sentient beings, indiscriminately, like the Earth" and my prayers are being heard.
She and her son had embraced each other. All difficulties, pain and disconnection, had been solved. Something had melted. They needed more talks, yes, but they had contact, they were in connection after so many years of disconnection. The last friday we met with the group, this woman's face had radically changed: there was a softness and relaxation I had never seen before: she had looked tense and worried all those friday mornings, during 9 weeks…. now she had changed completely. I feel so grateful that I can do this 'work'. Feed Back december 2013 “Dear Susana, what a special morning today it was! I want to thank you for the positive feeling I am having today. How wonderful that I met you: for me you are a woman with a special gift: you seem to be able to touch everybody with your warmth and wisdom. I am very grateful that NVC has crossed my path, and more over with you as a trainer. Lovely greetings” - Sabina (10x NVC Friday morning) Self empathy At the start of the year I had an advanced group "Running miles…" 8 times monday evening. After one evening I was mourning my ' lack of empathy' towards one of the participants. I was struggling, not knowing how to 'reach' her: she seemed impatient and wanted to 'go on' and DO things, try 'difficult conversations', but seemed to 'live in her head', not able to get in touch with her feelings. I felt discouraged and longed for (competence to create) connection. That evening and next morning, I started to write: I wrote 3 pages full of self empathy and tracked the entire 'evening group system and dynamics' down to my own family system and dynamics and came to astonishing conclusions: my alarm bells were ringing (energetically), because this participant represented the 'mother energy' of my youth…and I only found out by writing about this.
I sent my 3 pages of self-empathy to my participants, and also this woman. Transformation After this EVERYTHIING turned inside out. The woman herself had a breakthrough: after reading my self-empathy something 'broke', she cried for a long time and all of a sudden the connection was there. The connection needed no words, it was just there…. it was a miracle. Until then, all the time there had been 'something' I could not 'put my finger on' as a trainer. Now the space was free, the connections were there. The core, the essence of NVC had come into every participant. Not the exact words, but the essence. This year I have convinced myself that only (my) 'radical honesty' and openness are the key to inclusion and growth. I absolutely celebrate this.
E. Would you share some difficult experiences you had while training this year and how you handled them?: 
I described them above: somehow 'difficult' situations help me to deeply grow and transform the status quo into something deeper, more connection, even more vulnerability. Difficult experiences help me to go inside, do inner work, heal wounded parts, heal my self connection and from there connect with the world around myself. As a trainer, parent, partner and human being. I remember an evening training situation after which I felt physically sick. I (my system) reacted to a some words being shared (at the very end of this evening) as if my life was at stake. That night I lost weight every hour, could not sleep and my nerves seemed not to be able to cope with this trigger. I wanted to find out what this was about, asked friends to repeat the trigger, figured out my needs, heal myself. But what I did was not enough. I asked my orthomolecular doctor about this extreme body-reaction,"It sounds as if, for your body, these words were pure poison…. then the body wants to get rid of the poison, just like when you eat bad food..." That made sense. Thanks to the persistent empathic guessing of one of two dear female Dutch NVC colleagues, we came down to the bottom of this trauma, a false belief like: "My body can not cope with this tension." During some poignant emotional moments my entire system seemed to see at different levels how deeply this pain had influenced my this false belief made it easy (still, some times) to go 'out of this body' and disconnect in split second: even as a trainer. Again this difficult experience has helped me to grow as a trainer in compassion and insight.
F. How do you teach the spiritual basis of Nonviolent Communication in your workshops and training programs? : 
Basically I practice what I preach. And as I said before, I am very open in my trainings. I share my inner world, where I come from and where I am now, thanks to NVC. I always say that NVC and Marshall gave me the toolkit to give back life to myself. After 12 psychoses and even more depressions, I can say this with power, grace and lightness. I used to lose jobs in the past, because of my 'psychiatric stuff'. I kept it silent, out of fear not to be accepted for a job if people knew. Now, I say out loud where I come from and make 'a living' doing so. Because I do what comes from my heart, I feel grounded in what I do. Because I believe in what I do and who I am, I seem to be an example to others and give hope. More over, I earn quite a lot of money now, sharing NVC in-company too. This means, for me, that my spiritual bases and dream (shared with Marshall and many others) for more peace on this Planet is more and more rooted in the economic and social reality I live in.
G. Please describe your social change goals...: 
NVC as a healing tool in psychiatry I just went to a congress about Integrative Psychiatry last Monday, the 13th of January. I want to introduce NVC into the world of Psychiatry, like mindfulness. I want NVC to be an integral part of psychiatric treatment and hope to start making contacts in this field. That is my long-term dream. Books: Reaching more people I am writing a book about NVC and my life. This is also about psychiatry and how NVC healed my life. I hope to reach more people by writing and finishing this book in 2014.
 Computer gaming for peace I am thinking about a computer game for young people, that would help them in developing NVC skills young as they are, gaming behind their PC. I guess I will try to get into contact with a person I heard on the radio: he spent 2 years to develop a computer game…and now he is a millionaire, a sleeping one, because of all the down loads. I just want to be able to bring NVC to the big public, to larger groups of people. Training small groups of people will not do the trick… I'm afraid…..
J. Please describe your efforts to create, or join, an NVC circle or organization.: 
Dutch Speaking NVC Circles I am part of both the Dutch Speaking NVC Circle and the Dutch Certified Community Circle. We, certified trainers meet every half year and we love it: we inspire each other, share our worries, celebrations and exercises we do. The normal Dutch Speaking NVC trainers circle meets every half year officially, and 2 times a year unofficially. I go there whenever I can.
 Dutch NVC Festival, February Spontaniously we find each other, have a sort of 'trainers reunion' during the Dutch NVC Festival in February in Rotterdam, or in October somewhere around Utrecht.
 International collaboration I organized a 5-day training next May for David Weinstock (USA) in Holland. Next summer I will go to the Czech Republic: colleague trainers asked me to give an NVC training there. Later in August I will go to Greece to train about empathy.
K. Summarize participants’ evaluations, and how their feedback resulted in new learning or growth for you this past year.: 
Look at question D and E.
L. What are your current growing edges or challenges as a trainer that you will be working on in the future?: 
I want to write that book of mine. And stop writing journals of my trainings….takes a lot of time, although my participants love them. I really want to become more 'selfish', more efficient with my time.
M. If you found opportunities to work with other trainers this year, please share the most meaningful experiences for you.: 
I love the power of working together. I love the inspiration of other trainers. How we all have our own qualities and how we learn from each other. The materials colleagues use. The new things I see. I see many colleagues that use 'well known' training materials, like dancing floors from other dear colleague trainers. Funny thing is that I develop all my training materials myself, right out of Marshalls book. I want to develop my materials from my core essence and I see that I am one of the few that develops her own 'floor cards' for different floor-steps… at least here in Holland. Most meaningful in general is the ease when I am training with a colleague, the support….aaah, I am not 'in business' all of the time. What a luxury!
N. Is there anything else you would enjoy sharing with the CNVC network?: 
I love you! Let's go on….with our beautiful 'work'.

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