Presence Practice (Portland, OR and ONLINE VIDEO)


Looking for more authentic connection with others?

Looking for a place where you can Be and bring everything you are, and be held with deep compassion and respect?

Longing for more understanding, awareness, and authentic choice in your life?

Have some capacity for resonant empathy, but having trouble "doing NVC" when you're upset? (Like the rest of us humans?)

Our Presence Practice groups are a profoundly safe place where you can connect with yourself and develop the "presence muscles" you need to be able to witness and hold your own and others' discomfort, distress, and reactivity with compassion, awareness, and response-ability -- the foundations of authentic choice.

Perfect for anyone with a basic sense of personal empowerment who's longing to develop a greater capacity for:

  • authentic connection with self, Life, and others
  • mindfulness (awareness), presence, self-management, and choice
  • "turning towards" difficult emotions; receiving their revitalizing gifts; and releasing old, stuck pain and patterns from the past
  • genuinely meeting needs (your own and others') in a way that supports everyone's thriving
  • remaining at peace in the midst of even the most challenging circumstances (whether internal or external)

We use a variety of practices (guided by participants' requests) including empathy (including guessing feelings and needs), reflection, somatic expression, role-playing, the Inner Path, Inner Parts work, and others. (Please note, we practice "NVC consciousness," rather than practicing NVC skills per se.)

We are a deeply authentic, transparent community where you can Be and bring everything you are and receive compassionate support for regaining your authentic power and choice.

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Come join us. (And, welcome home.)




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Vary, please contact us for details. WE ALSO MEET via ONLINE VIDEO.
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