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Metro Detroit Nonviolent Communication Practice Group

If you would like to explore the concepts of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) in a supportive space with others who share your energy and commitment toward developing real world skills for authentic expression and empathic connection, please consider joining the Metro Detroit NVC (MDNVC) Practice Group for a dynamic, enriching, and empowering community within which to explore this transformative approach to communicating with oneself and others.

In the MDNVC Practice Group, you will have the opportunity to explore and integrate the fundamental concepts and skills that comprise NVC - from the model itself, to empathy, needs based consciousness, honest self-expression, and beyond. The group will provide a source of support, community, safety, and challenge while you grow confidence in your abilities to effectively communicate in more connected ways, transcending the habitual patterns embedded in judgment language. As the group practices together, it will become possible to discover how to shift with more ease from a place of conflict into understanding, and relate to yourself and others with greater integrity, and with a sense of aliveness.

Using a variety of tools and exercises, participants in this practice group will learn to:

- Think and communicate in terms of Needs, free of judgment

- Develop the capacity to experience compassion for others, even when they’re speaking in ways that are difficult to hear

- Be more aware of our Needs and the Needs of all people

- Distinguish “what happens” from the story you tell yourself about what happened

- Move from conflicts to constructive strategies

- Make constructive requests that transcend disconnection

- Express oneself authentically

Suggested Experience:

It is requested as a prerequisite that each participant have some idea of what NVC is. Recommendations include attending an NVC Introduction, reading the beginning of Marshall Rosenberg's book: Nonviolent Communication, A Language of Life, and/or completing The Exercise:


MDNVC will meet for 9 weeks. In order to have the most life enriching and cohesive practice group possible, it is requested that all who choose to attend do so with the intention of participating in each meeting.

'18 Dates:

Beginner Group Meeting for 9 weeks Saturdays 3:30p – 5:30p January 6th – March 10th, skipping February 10th
Intermediate Group Meeting for 9 weeks Sundays 10:00a – 12:00p January 7th – March 18th, skipping February 4th & February 11th

About Your Practice Group Leader:

Katie Testa, an NYCNVC Certified Leader, is a graduate of the NYCNVC Leadership Program. She has both participated in and facilitated intensive retreats and a variety of workshops. This, combined with her experience leading practice groups, has contributed to her learning and growth as a committed and enthusiastic NVC practitioner. Throughout the Practice Group, she will be coached by NYCNVC's Director of Education on a weekly basis, and participate in weekly Leadership Team meetings in order to create the most enriching experience possible for all participants.

Katie has been passionately pursuing the integration of Nonviolent Communication since discovering it. She has found both inspiration and hope through her NVC practice for living a life that is in true alignment with her values as a parent, teacher, coalition builder, and ultimately as an individual. She is overjoyed and excited to have the opportunity to connect with and support others on their journey of learning and this new way of being with themselves and the world.

Meeting Times: 
Beginner Group Meeting for 9 weeks Saturdays 3:30p – 5:30p January 6th – March 10th, skipping February 10th & Intermediate Group Meeting for 9 weeks Sundays 10:00a – 12:00p January 7th – March 18th, skipping February 4th & February 11th
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