New Future Working Groups Pre-Integration call

Event length: 
2 hours
UTC time and date: 
2015-11-07 19:00 UTC
Useful Information for Attendees
New Future Meeting Open to Observers (Fishbowl)
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Join FUZE meeting by phone: +1 201-479-4595 Find International numbers here.
Event description: 

“Pre-Integration” meetings: Representatives of WGs are invited to attend if they have a general or specific desire to engage in work to integrate the work of their WG with that of other WGs. (Sometimes members of one WG might invite representatives or another specific WG to be present at the meeting, so the two groups can connect.) Working group representatives will offer very short (perhaps 1 minute) updates about what their group has been doing. Then the WG representatives who are present will identify any “integration issues” that it would be helpful to discuss. Those issues will then be discussed, either as a whole group, or perhaps two or more people might split off to hold a separate conversation via Skype, Zoom, or some other mechanism, so that discussions can occur in parallel. If groups split off, a time may be set when they will intend to re-join the main call to summarize what happened and check out.
The intention of these meetings is to support cross-pollination and visibility, and also to support progress on addressing any mis-alignment in the philosophies or work-products of different WGs.

Length of recording: 
Both recordings are video. 1: 55 for main meeting and 1: 54 for after discussion

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