Community WG Forum: Community and technology

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1.5 hours
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Friday 2015-10-23 16:00 UTC
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Special Purpose Open Participation
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The CNVC Community Working Group (CWG) invites you to …

Come share your joys, frustrations, and dreams of community.

Learn what's going on in the "NVCverse" around the world.

Join with others to deepen and strengthen the experience of being in community.

In a series of online/teleconference sessions, the members of CWG would like to hear your thoughts, feelings, and voice around:

  • Celebrations and Mournings about NVC community: What qualities do you love about NVC community? What are your inspiring stories? What didn’t work? What have been obstacles and hurdles? (two weeks)
  • Community Dreams: How do we all support the qualities of community we want, globally and locally? What could a central organization do?
  • NVC community around the world: How is community being supported in different parts of the world? What experiments are happening? What’s really working?
  • Starting/supporting your own community: What supports are out there? What are your success stories in starting community? How could a central network support start-ups? What tools and resources exist?
  • Community and technology: What are examples of powerful ways technology is being used to connect worldwide? What are your ideas?

We hope you will join us.  Your voice matters!

Be heard -  learn - contribute - connect.

Length of recording: 
video link is part 1 (0:37), audio link is part 2 (0:41)

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