How do you do that?

Years ago in Portland Oregon I watched you play the role of an sex abuser, a mail chauvinist, a brother and many more over the course of the day. As an actor I was intrigued with your ability to "become" a remarkably complete character, to the amazement of the people engaged in these empathy sessions.

"Marshall, how do you do that?" I asked. You responded, "It is easy, because I am that person."

I thought about that a lot over the years as time went by. A few years later I was at a five day retreat led my you and saw the same remarkable "performance" as you "became" the person in the story of the person receiving the healing empathy in the role play.

"Marshall, I am an actor and am amazed how completely you become the person in the role play." I asked again. "How do you do that?" You responded, "It is easy, because I am that person."

Same answer as before, but this time I got what you ware saying. My years of study of the power of needs had melded with my acting craft of method acting and accelerated my ability to discover the characteristics of a character.

I do not act much any more, but I have found greater facility to assume a role in a role play while giving empathy.

Thanks, Marhsall, for all of your gifts.