Babylonia Aivaz

Hi Marshall, I really want you to email me. Or I want to get in touch with you somehow and hear your voice. I wish you were my dad! Or my uncle or grandpa or I grew up with you and your grandma who hosts homeless people for years!! I love those stories..I love all your stories...I think you are a gifted storyteller!! I trust good storytellers...I don't know if that is my line or from a movie but the sentiment fits exactly. Anyways I REALLY REALLY LOVE YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH! I love your imagination! I love that you use it to transform the system we live in...I think you are a brilliant genius for that...I love that the imagination will give us different avenues to create more love and change in the world! Please email me @ BabyloniaAivaz [at] gmail [dot] com because it is my dream to get into contact with you because it are one of my heroes who I really look up to...I think you and I are different people...I am an activist too...I want to talk about activism really deeply with you because I know you will understand me because you are a similar activist to me...we really use LOVE!! I only did one activism that I am proud of because that was the only activism that really felt like I used my creativity to create something really beautiful and unusual and where I really felt effective...but I don't want to think of that as the best thing that I do...I always dwell on that memory...I want to make a HUGE HUGE Difference in the world... I hope you actually read these. I feel silly[evaluation hahah] maybe vulnerable writing to someone who I don't know if he directly sees these... Anyways, I came upon NVC during the Occupy Movement at the peak of my involvement. I saw the course description on the Occupy Seattle website and I became SOOOO EXCITED! And it was FREEE! Oh man...I had my heart set on was all I could think about all week...then the day came...the morning of the training...and a body filled with depression and a mind full of curiosity battled each other for a good hour to get out of bed...the battle took me so far...that the training already started....but my curiosity and excitement defeated the depression...and instead of riding my bike which I normally did...I decided I would enjoy the privilege of taking a taxi to the training in order to get there...I was just so determined...I just knew I had to be was the strongest intuitive calling of my LIFE... I showed up at the training and I had the best time of my LIFE...who knew that when I shared that I really wanted to have sex all the time I was really seeking my purpose in LIFE. Love that Janice Eng. Anyways, since that NVC day I have never forgotten how much it changed my LIFE...and how I want to be an NVC trainer...and I want to be trained in NVC because I want to learn so much more about myself...not because I necessarily think it's the form of activism best for me...whenever I use it Marshall I use it in ways that get me in trouble... for example. my favorite example. I used it in law school on a Professor. I walked into class one day after having watched your youtube videos on empathy instead of studying the dreaded contracts and property books...who needs that stuff anyways...I hate the law! I hate the legal system! It doesn't work! I already discovered that as a first year law student..very perceptive of me... anyways, I walk in late and I don't feel like inconveniencing the other ladies to get to my I sit at the top of the arena like seating or more like "sweating environment" in a chair that I was not assigned to...yes they assign us seats in law school and I think it is stu[pid...anyways....when my professor sees these...he takes his beady little eyes and he looks at me...then he looks at the chair I am supposed to be sitting in...he looks at me...then looks at the chair I am supposed to be sitting in...basically stares me down and asks in front of everyone why I am not sitting in my assigned naturally I thought it was a great opportunity to use NVC from the most sincere place in my heart...and I ask him, "do you have a need for predictability?" "do you have a need for order?" OMG he LOSES it...and he yells at me andf says anyone not sitting in their assigned seat will be marked absent for the day...and then I refuse to move because I feel so humiliated and hurt...and the next class I choose not to sit in my assigned Seat again...and I talked to him after class for an hour in his office hours about my feelings and I reallyasserted myself...anyways it was an interesting experience...and the whole class came up to me afterwards and said babs you made him so angry. why did you do that. why couldnt you just sit in your assigned seat. you were so rude to him. im on the professors side etc. and well I just didn't see it that way. I think as a 25 year old girl I can sit in whatever seat that I want to because I need to be comfortable and free in order to LEARN! The End. I love you.
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