Lisa Rosa

Dear Marshall, I want to thank you for helping me to understand most of the reasons for why my life was how it was, and what really matters. So I may be able to enjoy my life for the rest that might be left over and - more important - to improve my social relationships much more consciously. The clou is: I found a 9 hour audio-video of your workshops in youtube by mere chance while I was just searching for interesting videos to improve my understanding of spoken English. And I followed all your lessons in only a few days. (For the sake of improving my English your videos helped a lot too of course ;-)) One of the most helpful ideas you gave me was this: "You cannot make others to do what you want them to do. You only can make them wish they had. But then you wish you hadn't make them wish they had." I am a teacher trainer, a teacher, and a mother and grandmother. I will never forget your sentence because so many sad stories of my own experience pop up, when I meditate on it. It will help me a lot in any respect.
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