I got to experience Marshall's deep empathy work for the first time at the December 2007 IIT in Albuquerque NM. After 6 days, I noticed some old pain was stimulated by something Valentina had said. I talked to her about it, and we agreed that it would be helpful to have an empathy session with Marshall. I was surprised at how willing he was to change the agenda of the session to accommodate my request. As I sat down in front of Marshall surrounded by 20-25 people, I remember feeling nervous and anxious. Valentina put her hand in front of my heart and I felt instantly relaxed, and surprised at how effective that was for me. As the empathic role play with Marshall continued, we got deeper and deeper into my painful experiences of divorce, and not seeing my son as often as I’d like. After the session was over, I recalled having no less than four major cathartic moments where I felt emotional energy leaving my body. I felt lighter, hopeful, whole. While kind of in a daze, I also had a sense of empowerment and vision for myself, as if I could see forward into my future.
I am deeply grateful for Marshall’s personal contribution to me, supporting my needs for empathy, healing, and clarity. And my gratitude extends beyond that to include his contribution to the quality of my personal relationships improving at least ten-fold, and the direction of my life heading toward making my own contributions to the compassionate world we all want to live in…

*** Thank you Marshall for showing up on the planet in the way you did. You’ve touched my life and the lives of many for the better. I hope that you are able to feel this gratitude deep within your soul--Shalom.
Would you be willing to tell me what you heard me say, and how you feel about it? ***

Warmly Grateful,