Marius Windt

Hey Marshall, I hope you are going to read this lines. It's really important for me to express gratitude to you because you are the person who influenced my life the most (perhaps apart from my parents). My name is Marius, I'm 23 and I'm living in Berlin. About two and a half year ago a friend of mine gave me the book where Gabriele Seils interviews you. From the first moment on I felt in love with NVC. I read more books. saw youtube videos of you and went to seminars. One year later I started my first practice group. Than - last autumn I canceld my studies abroad to become NVC Trainer. Since January I'm offering seminars, leading practice groups and started with mediations, healing seasions and reconciliation work. I have more and more powerful experiences with people that I'm giving empathie or from whom I recieve it. I had magic moments in Role Plays where I reflected back what I heard and people suddenly started to cry and got in touch with there deepest pain. I helped couples people to go on with there relationships in love instead of braking up because of there enemy images. I tell you this because I'm really proud of what I'm already doing in this litle time but also because I can imagine that it's empowering for you seeing, how your work get's spread and changing the world. And I still have a lot of time for enriching life a lot. Also NVC helped me to end the relationship with my exgirlfriend in peace which is very valuable for me. I learned to cry more and more because of NVC get in touch with my pain and showing it to other people. Pfu ... still I can learn a lot but always when things go bad something happens to give me new energy. Your work and NVC brought sense to my life, a way that I want to go, a lot of fun (and of cource also confusion. It's not easy growing as a giraffe). I don't want to imagene where I was without geting to know nvc. I'm just sad, that I dind't manage to meet you. It would be so wonderful. Few days ago I met Kelly who also inspirated me a lot and it was so great to meet him in person, talking to him, making jokes, plaing music ... I would make you more human and less holy :-) Of course I could go much more into details but I think that's the most important of what I wanted to say. Maybe one example of my work that I can do because of what I learned from you. I had a sesion with a girl where I was her mother and gave her empathy and she could cry and tell about the pain that was created when she was sepperated from her stepsiblings. A few days ago we hat a two days session with her and her mother and they could get connected about this and other things and I did a roleplay with her mother where I was the father of her mother. And there was a magic moment when she could express her pain about that her father beated her and that she wanted to have more love and tenderness from him. Fuu ... and than all that people in my seminars who get inspired by your work and spread it to others. It seems like an endless spreading :-) So hugs and kisses and love to whereever you are at the moment and I wish you a wonderful lifeevening and if there is any chance to meet you just tell me and I come arround and bringing with me some hot tasty tea and cookies. Bye, Marius
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