Mag Heidelinde Barker-Schachinger PMM, certified mediator Austria, St Wolfgang im Salzkammergut, Radau 112

My journey with Marshall`s work began in 2007 at Peaceuniversity Burg Schlaining, Burgenland Austria. I did a two day workshop in NVC with Dr Rosenberg. This was the beginning of a life long journey whose first steps were writting a master thesis about "NVC an instrument of mediation according to Dr Rosenberg" to become a registered Mediator in Austria. Beside this journey I had to deal with an serious Psychological issue which I overcame and wrote about: A journal of clinical Psychiatrist published just resently an articl of mine. NVC is the base I think, be and work from in all areas. I married last weakend and my dear husband Rex and I work together as consultants for groups in business and private who somehow got lost in conflict or are disorientated with their vision or philosophy. Personally I went through dark nights the last 11 years. If Dr Rosenbergs work wouldn´t have crossed my life, I don´t know if I would have made it- to survive I mean. Greetings from my heart to the Rosenberg team all over the planet! A HUG FOR DR ROSENBERG!!!!!!!!! Heidi
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