Marshall, I am deeply grateful to you for showing me an entirely different paradigm by which I could live my life by.  I attended approximately ten of your trainings from 2002-2007, and you delivered several memorable "zingers" that I will never forget.

This is the look I had on my face when you gave me some "zingers" of insight :-)   


One was at the IIT in 2005 in Georgia (U.S.), when a participant was asking you about how to get his child to tell the truth, rather than lying.

   You encouraged this man to see the reasons why his son was not telling the truth about things, and said, "Only a fool would tell the truth in a punitive system!"

   Wow!  That immediately went deep into me, as I remembered times that I had told lies as a child as a way to avoid punishment, and I could immediately relate to his son.

   Another memorable one is the IIT I attended in 2003 in Rochester, New York, when I was early in my learning curve of Nonviolent Communication.  I asked you, "Marshall, are you saying that you believe that all people are inherently good?"

   You replied, "I believe that all people are inherently motivated by their needs in whatever they do."  Ah-ha!  This comment helped me more fully shift from right/wrong thinking into needs-oriented consciousness, and this was a major turning point in my integration of both/and, partnership consciousness that you were sharing.

   I appreciate you devoting so many decades of your life to sharing the principles of Nonviolent Communication -- you have most definitely made a lasting impact on me!


   Jeff Brown blush