Dear Marshall.

Re. Translating static language into dynamic language

I'm celebrating a new way of thinking you offered to me at my very first workshop with you in Copenhagen in 2000. In this way I have been able to change my life in a profound way. I feel happy when I think upon what I received from you. Thank you for pouring Giraffe juice into my cup!

You offered us as participants an experiment to translate any labels on yourself into Giraffe-language. I did not understood what you were talking about. I didn't know how to do that, so I asked you to give me an example by translating the label "I'm Marshall". You translated this label into : "I'm a manifest of a flow of energy" - and after a pause you added with the humor I like from you "And it is rather convenient that Marshall Rosenberg is written in my passport".

To day I'm playing with the thinking: "I'm a flow of unbelievable energy" -  similar and yet different from your "beloved divine energy" 

Thanks, Marshall, for all you have given to me.


Henning from Denmark