Craig Sim Webb

I feel deeply grateful for Marshall's life work and all that he has offered to those who are wise enough to recognize it. I may not have been wise enough, had it not been for multiple dreams that encouraged me to learn more about NVC.

دعاء للميت

I remember first hearing him speak in Santa Barbara. I found the ideas quite exciting and they brought me hope for challenging relationship dynamics in my life. Eventually, after studying with Marshall and others on and on for a decade or so, the whole process compliments the other gifts life has blessed me with very nicely and had allowed for greater lightness and harmony all around.

صور للواتس

I have also had the honor to often share such ideas in presentations, training programs, media interviews, client sessions, etc. and so having something so valuable to offer to others has also brought me the gift of giving. Very genuine and heartfelt appreciation to you Marshall and team.

خلفيات اسلامية

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