I am so very grateful to Marshall for the gifts of NVC.
Nonviolent Communication or Compassionate Communication, came into my life in 2002 and I still marvel with gratitude that it found its way across the seas to a town on the east coast of Australia.
I am grateful to Marshall for not only developing the process, also for his vision and commitment in sharing it far and wide. I imagine there were many times when the travel and suitcase lifestyle this necessitated was challenging for Marshall and his family. Amidst my celebration of the gift NVC has been to my life I do wish to acknowledge that for Marshall there would have been hard decisions in his commitment to spreading NVC. There would have been many celebrations in contributing to peace too.
I delight in sharing NVC as part of my life work. Contributing to others and seeing it valued and embraced wholeheartedly and gratefully is so enriching. I feel heartened witnessing NVC consciousness grow and spread and my hope and longing for a more compassionate future for humanity seems realisable. I wonder if this is how Marshall felt in his vision and commitment to sharing NVC? In meeting Marshall and learning from him at two IITs, I was impressed with his belief in and commitment to NVC. I had no sense of Marshall himself seeking grandeur; rather he presented a strong authenticity, a genuine longing to contribute to more peace and compassionate connection in the world. I am appreciative that Marshall believed firstly that human beings are compassionate by nature.