It was on a IIT in Orchidea Lodge. Marshall was teaching 4 doublehour lessons every day. During lunchbrake we had taken naps or a walk to recover. When coming back for the afternoonsession, we found marshall saying goodbye to a young man. The way, the two of them looked at each other an tenderly hugged made us guess: is this may be one of his sons?? it looked soo close and familiar with each other. After the young man left, we learned: this was an autistic young man from an institution near by, whicj whom marshall had met during his lunchbrake and whom he had seen for the first time. This left me deeply toiuched and i understood something about the power of empathy.

Please, Mary, feel free to correct ma english in order to make it easier understandable or more fluent o read.
Greetings from Susanne Kraft