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Dear Marshall, the photo above is of about half the attendees at 2012 graduation from our year-long NVC course at Oregon State Penitentiary; about 80 inmates, staff, and trainers attended. Around 1000 inmates have completed our classes in both California and Oregon prisons since we began offering classes in 2003. In Oregon we now offer classes in four prisons and two post-release programs, and beginning in May of this year we begin training 70 members of the Oregon Department of Corrections in an integrated program that includes NVC, yoga and energetics work, and mindfulness. DOC has indicated a desire for the entire staff of DOC to receive this training over the next 3-5 years. I am enormously grateful that when I began to learn NVC that what I learned was to ever more completely become myself including being pointed toward my life work as well.
Fred Sly, Program Director, The Oregon Prison Project and Rose City NVC

ps if the photo does not come through I would be glad to send it in a different way
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