"I had encountered NVC back in 2004 when Riita Herzog came to Japan. I was her interpreter. In order to prepare for the occasion, I read the ""Nonviolent Communication - the Language of Life"" for the first time. I was hooked to NVC and wanted to learn. Unfortunately, there were only one training by certified trainer each year. Marshall's books, recordings and video were my sole source of learning for many years. I had learned so much from going over his materials over and over, I reached a point when I had inner Marshall that would give me tips in time of difficulty! As time had passed, I was fortunate enough to have more access to certified trainers but did not have the resource to meet Marshall in person.

In 2011, I heard a rumor that Marshall would be retiring soon and the trainers that I had encountered till that point, had strongly encouraged me and supported me and my partner to go see him.

It was like a paradise for me to finally see him after 7 years! I had the whole week to express my gratitude and learn directly from the man himself. I went up to him every opportunity I got to share how my life and the life of those close to me got enriched through learning NVC. It was like a dream when I had the opportunity to have an empathy session with him during one of the session. I had watched the video of IIT so many time, and now I was in it!!!

Thanks to the language of life that Marshall had created and and thanks to all the trainers who had come to Japan to share this work, there are whole bunch of baby giraffes in Japan, crazy enough to over come their cultural habit and create a more compassionate world!

I am so grateful to Marshall for creating this work that has touched me and many other's lives and also to Valentina for her contribution in supporting Marshall to share this work for the length of time he did. And Kendra at CNVC who enabled me to meet Marshall and make my dream to come true!"
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