Antowi Wibbelink

"When I think of you, Marshall, my heart lights up.
By attending your IIT in August 2006 (and by following a lot of other NVC courses and festivals) I regained my hope for the future.
Thanks for your clear steps, your songs, lightness, your emphatic presence and authenticity.
I'm especially gratefull for the moment, you represented my mother with giraffe-ears on, when I red the letter to ""her"" , that I had wished to send her, but never did.
It took me 1,5 year before I could write and read her a letter like that, but now without any blaming. It was THE TURNING POINT in our relationship. After that we could express our love towards each other, without the block I felt before! I'm again getting tears in my eyes now that I write this.
Thank you Marshall for all the love you brought into the world!"
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