"I attended a training of Marshall a year after I became acquainted with this work. He ended the 2nd day by telling of wonderful ways to express gratitude, ways that give many clues to what really was important to you. I got in line and got to the front, book in hand to be signed. When it was my turn Marshall signed my book, and then I said.....well, I kind of froze up and the only thing I said was, ""Thank You."" Now let me add, this study has enriched my connections with my husband, children now grandchildren. I speak my truth, and realize the importance of honoring and respecting MYSELF, which had always seemed selfish before. I feel as though I am contributing meaningfully in many small ways that are not small at all to the people receiving empathy and compassion.
I have studied, taught, and helped organize workshops and classes. This has given purpose to my life. So, once again, a number of years later, I say THANK YOU Marshall."