"Dear Marshall, from 1999 to 2004 I lived as a german woman in her fifties in Seattle, following the path of my heart, living with my (then) husband Paul. First I was SO resistant aginst NVC, which was something friends told me to learn, to be more successful in my cross-cultural relationship. Then my husband ""dragged"" me into that church in Seattle, and I sat in the first row. In front of me a white board with the words I will never forget: ""what would make your life more wonderful?"" I started crying, sobbing, out of my mind: with all my trainings, growth workshops, love relationships nobody had ever asked me that question. I never asked myself either. I was SO unhappy in my american life, so very different from my life in Berlin, Germany, only to be with my husband who actually was never there, working the american dream.. so, Marshall, from that moment on, and having met you many times after that, and you in all your humble loving way ALWAYS answered my question - which satisfied my need for authenticity -you have completely changed my life. I was able to separate from Paul in a loving way, after years of practicing and then actually teaching NVC, and today I am known between a big bunch of teachers in Berlin as somebody who teaches NVC in the school system, successfully teaches whole schools and still learning with that attitude you taught me: Humbleness. Curiosity. A loving heart.
THANK YOU- you changed the world to a better place for me. Eva Maria"