Joanna Cummings

OK, one more:
I'd heard Marshall talk about the importance of honoring our jackal voice, and I'd heard some brief examples of that. Then I was in one of the trainings I've attended with Marshall, and someone shared a need to vent their beef with our last president, GWB, on their way to finding empathy for him. Marshall talked first about how we needed to let the jackal in us express itself... and then he did. The stream of vitriol that came from his mouth in the next minute or so was truly Jackal-on-Steroids. I nearly bust my gut laughing. And then he breathed, shook it off, and proceeded to move into giraffe.

Marshall has taught me by both his example and his passion to speak and live my truth, and through that, to live more fully and frequently in my heart. I strongly believe that I would not be in a wonderful, committed relationship with the love of my life today, and have a respectful (and even fun) relationship with her mother if it were not for the language of Nonviolent Communication. I am deeply and profoundly grateful to Marshall for developing it, for sharing it with all of us, and teaching all of us how to share it with the world. Though I am not certified in NVC, though I share and teach it in many ways as a Lover of it. This is my primary way of supporting the expansion of it... that, and by applying it to the noise in my own head. It is good to be free. Thank you.
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