"I first heard NVC as Marshall's voice, listening to his book on tape as I drove to Grand Forks ND in the fall of 2004. It was pitch dark on the flat prairie that October night. A few yard lights were twinkling on the horizon and a few stars visible twinkling through my windshield as I sped along. When he said ""We do violence to ourselves or others when we are disconnected from our feelings and needs"" I felt like I was hearing the voice of God. In that moment I witnessed life in a whole new way. I was now hurling through time and space - thinking of my mother's recent passing from Alzheimer's, a sister suffering from severe depression and a niece soon to be hospitalized with anorexia. Finally, a new understanding and a route for navigating life on this planet earth. Hope! Beginning my NVC journey changed everything - for me and those I love. Years later I stepped into a metaphysical store. I picked up one book on Egyptology and opened it to the page describing the spiritual work of jackals. I've wondered ever since if Marshall knew how brilliant his choice of jackal is. The god Anubis has a jackal head and is the Lord of Death, the Underworld, who undertakes the weighing of the heart at death. Thanks to you, Marshall, my heart - and many thousands of other hearts - will be much closer to the ostrich feather in weight when we pass. Much love and many blessings to you, my dear, dear heart-opening, illuminating and (en)lightening Teacher! Just this morning I worked with immensely painful feelings. And to be in such grace and gratitude this evening is a miracle and a delight. Journey on, Marshall, in your life-altering spaceship as we all extend our love for you, and with you!! Your beacon will burn bright as long as their is light. I will love you and NVC forever!! Through tears of gratitude and the sweet pain of grief... We carry on together. Each doing our work for the journey..."